Madden 23 Unknown Login Error: How To Fix On PC, Consoles

Unable to play due to an error? Check out our guide on how to fix the Madden 23 Madden Login error.

The launch of Madden 23 had mixed responses from critics and players alike. But having said that, several players are unable to play the game due to annoying errors from the developer’s end. As players log in with their accounts, they are facing an unknown login error. Due to this issue, players are not able to log in and play the game. We have compiled some workarounds or solutions to bypass this error. So, check out our guide on how to fix the Madden 23 unknown Login Error.

How To Fix Madden 23 Unknown Login Error

madden 23 unknown login error fix

Here are some workarounds or ways to resolve the unknown login error in Madden 23. Let’s start with some basic workarounds first.

Restart Madden 23

This workaround was suggested by the Community manager EA_Illium, which involves restarting Madden 23. If you are using Xbox, quit the game and other running apps from Quick Resume. For PC players, exit the game and launch it again.

Re-adding your Gamertag

This solution worked out for several Xbox players on the EA forums. For that, you need to remove your Gamer profile or Gamertag and add it back to your Xbox Homescreen. It is like a hard reset or reboot for your Xbox profile. But you need to change your Gamertag every time you log in to Madden 23.

You can try out this workaround for supported Xbox consoles including the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

Restart your PC and Console

  • Firstly, exit the game and turn off your PC or console.
  • As you boot up the device, launch Madden 23 to check if this workaround bypasses the error.

For some players, it took a single restart to resolve this issue. While for some players it took more than a couple of restarts to resolve this error.

Clear Saved Data

You can erase the saved data on your consoles to resolve this error on your consoles. But the process can be a bit different for PS and Xbox consoles. Follow the below steps if you are using PS4 or PS5:

  • Head over to Settings > Storage > Games and Apps
  • Then, select the Delete content option.
  • You need to select Madden 23 and hit the ticks for all the Saved data.
  • Lastly, select the Delete option and hit OK to confirm.

For Xbox players, follow the below steps:

  • Highlight the Madden 23 from your Home Screen and hit the Menu button on your controller.
  • Select the Manage Game & Add-ons option.
  • Then, hit the Saved Data box and choose the game files.
  • Finally, hit the Delete option to clear out the saved data.

Not to worry, this does not clear out your in-game progression. This workaround only erases your saved settings or options in the game.

Disable Windows Firewall or Anti Virus

Sometimes, the Windows Firewall or third-party Antiviruses can get in between your running games or applications. You can disable them temporarily to check if it bypasses the unknown login error in Madden 23. While the Windows Firewall or Anti-viruses keep you secure from any malicious threats, they can be the reason for this error too. So, you can disable them temporarily to check if it resolves this error.

Change DNS Settings

You can edit your set DNS settings and set them to Google DNS address to resolve this issue. You can set the DNS addresses to and on your primary and secondary fields respectively. Once you have edited and altered these addresses, reboot your PC or console. Then, launch Madden 23 to check if it resolved the login error.

Remove Connected Devices

This is a workaround that resolved the unknown login error for several players. You have to remove any connected devices or additional USBs from your Xbox or PS console. After removing them, restart your console. Launch the game to check if it resolved the error.

Submit a Support EA Ticket

If none of the workarounds resolved this error, you can submit a Support ticket to the EA website. Over there, you can select Madden 23 and the platform you are playing on. Then, select the topic and issue. Once you have selected them, describe your issue. You can expect a reply from the Support Team within some time with a solution to resolve this issue.

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