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How To Fix Madden 23 Field Pass Not Working & Missing Rewards?

Here is what you can do if you are not able to unlock Field Pass Rewards after completing levels.

Madden 23 Field Pass brings many rewards which unlock upon level completion. It is similar to Battlepass which reveals a new reward upon reaching the XP milestone. Recently there is some issues noticed with the pass system. Users have reported they are unable to unlock new rewards in Madden 23 Field Pass. Here is how to fix this problem.

Madden 23 Field Pass Not Working Fix


The Field Pass bug is an issue at the server’s end. One common fix for this issue is to restart the game once and check the Field Pass sections. But if this does not work then you will have to wait for some time. Users have also reported that they are unable to progress to a new level in Madden 23. This is a profile sync issue where the game data fails to sync with EA servers. The game developer has officially acknowledged the issue of missing rewards. All missing rewards will be resolved as the bug is fixed. That means you can continue playing without worrying about losing your progress.

How to Unlock Missing Rewards In Madden 23 Field Pass

Field Pass is a new feature that is a part of the Field Pass system in Madden 23. It is a reward system based on XP gain. As you complete objectives in the game and improve your skills you will earn XP. After reaching a certain XP point you will unlock a reward in Field Pass. It is located in the Play > Field Pass section of the game.

Upon completion of a goal, you will unlock three Field Passes. Each one has its own objectives along with XP requirements. And you will also Level up. There are three primary Field Passes:

  1. Season Field Pass
  2. Competitive Field Pass
  3. Ultimate Team Field Pass

There are 60 Levels of rewards in Madden 23 Field Pass system. You can earn coins, uniforms, packs, or a high OVR player item. So this is worth grinding, but due to the bug, the rewards are missing. As per the developer’s tweet, you do not have to worry about losing the rewards. Once the bug is fixed rewards based on objective completions and XP count will be added to your player’s profile.

You can later view them in the Filed Pass section. High OVR player items can be later traded or auctioned to make coins in the game. To more about this you will have to check our Madden 23 Quicksell Values guide.