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Madden 22 Training Values For Ultimate Team

This guide lists out all the training values obtained from quick sells in Madden 22

Madden 22 lovers need no excuse to strategize their ultimate teams from the word “Go” and training values play a crucial role in getting them there. The training values need to be gotten for as low a trade-off as possible. While there exists no known solitary formula to obtain the “cheapest” training exchanges- the auction house is where the magic happens. In this guide, we list out the training values you can get after you quick-sell a player on Madden 22. This approximation will help you figure out which cards to target, and how much you can look at spending for x amount of training.  We wish to iterate that there is a lot of fluctuation in the auction house when it comes to quick selling cards based on the values and other factors and players need to keep this in mind! The training values are mentioned below.

Madden 22 Training Values Per Overall

62 4
63 4
64 4
65 4
66 6
67 6
68 6
69 6
70 10
71 12
72 15
73 18
74 21
75 26
76 31
77 38
78 46
79 56
80 110
81 160
82 230
83 340
84 490
85 710
86 1030
87 1500
88 2180


   training values madden 22

Take note that the auction house sees rates of each card swaying in either direction, with rarity and overall (ovr) among other factors contributing to the values. The thing to keep in mind here is that for each card- the amount of training you can get should have the lowest amount possibly spent for it. This basically means that the amount you’ve spent to get a player should be much lesser than what you will get after a quick sell. Your training values will translate to being able to better construct your Madden 22 team. This is the most recognizable way to build a formidable team in madden 22. Training your players simply means you’re applying an upgrade to a player with base values. This gives them superstar abilities among other upgrades like buying uniforms and playbooks. In addition to this, your players receive power-ups.

Now you know what the training values of Madden 22 are! Use these values as a reference to carefully calculate your target cards and their prices. Your Madden 22 ultimate team is ready to roll!
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