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How To Throw A Touch, Bullet & Lob Pass In Madden NFL 22?

Learn how you can make touch, bullet, and lob passes in Madden NFL 22.

The touch, bullet & lob pass is one of the most important ways you can move the ball to the touchdown in Madden NFL 22. You can use these passes to get the ball to a receiver who is widely placed. Each pass has its own unique advantage. In this article, we will show you how to pull off these passes in the game.

How to Pull Off a Touch, Bullet & Lob Pass in Madden NFL 22?

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Touch Pass

To carry out a touch pass in Madden NFL 22, you will need to press and release the receiver icon. In the game, each receiver will have its own corresponding button. This varies across consoles, meaning that Xbox players will need to use the Y, X, A, B buttons. PlayStation users will need to use the Square, Triangle, R1, and L1 buttons. While this might sound easy enough on paper, you will need to ensure that you press the relevant buttons with the right precision and pressure. If you do not do so, you might end up making a lob pass or a bullet pass. This is because both of these passes use the same controls too in Madden NFL 22. The differences between the control sensitivity of these three passes are quite subtle, so it will take you some practice to master it.

Bullet Pass

To carry out a bullet pass, you will need to press the receiver icon button, just like you would do for a touch pass. The difference here is that a bullet pass is much quicker and more direct than a touch pass. You will first have to identify a suitable receiver before you press the button. These passes travel the quickest in the air. These passes can also be difficult for the receiver to catch because of their speed. You will also need to make sure you use a good quarterback to throw such passes because accuracy plays a big role here.

Lob Pass

As mentioned earlier, the lob pass also follows a similar control pattern to that of the bullet and touch pass. You first need to identify the right receiver, after which you can press the receiver icon button to make the lob pass. Executing a lob pass will result in the ball being launched high into the air and down the field. Lob passes are slightly quicker than touch passes but slower than the bullet pass. These passes have the highest air time among other passes, letting defenders and offenders gain enough time to catch the ball. You should only use the lob pass when you are in a desperate situation, because of the advantage it offers to defenders.

This is how you can execute the lob, bullet, and touch pass in Madden NFL 22. Since the controls for these passes are so similar, you will need to spend some time practicing to master the exact patterns for the buttons. Practicing will also help you analyze and understand the exact situations you will need to use these passes in.

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