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How To Strip The Ball In Madden NFL 22?

Looking to steal the ball from a rapidly advancing opponent in Madden NFL 22, but do not know how to do so? Read this article to learn how you can strip the ball in this game!

When playing Madden NFL 22, you will often need to strip the ball off your opponents’ hands to give your team the advantage. Stripping the ball involves snatching the ball right off the hands of the opponent team’s ball carrier. In this article, we will show you how to pull off this move.

How to Strip the Ball in Madden NFL 22?

madden nfl strip ball

If you want to strip the ball in Madden NFL 22, you will need to press the RB button on your Xbox controller. If you use a PlayStation, you will have to press the R1 button. When you press these buttons, you will be shown a strip animation.

While attempting to strip the ball, make sure you are close enough to the player holding the ball. Once you get close enough, press the relevant buttons on your controller. This will help your team get the ball back and gain possession.

You might be tempted to overuse this move, to the point where you might use it in unnecessary situations. Remember to first analyze if stripping the ball is the appropriate move to make on a player. If you take a bad call, you could end up missing the player altogether. What’s more, you could also make yourself vulnerable to attracting a face mask penalty.

Because of this risk, it is important to only strip the ball off a player in Madden NFL 22 when it is absolutely necessary and safe to do so. Failing to execute this move can also result in the other team moving higher up the field. This can especially occur in situations where the opponent with the ball in his hand has plenty of space.

This is all you need to know about stripping the ball in Madden NFL 22. If used correctly, you will be able to use this move to your advantage to get the ball back from advancing opponents. A little bit of practice and good judgment will help you master this move.

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