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Madden 22 – How To Get A Golden Ticket?

Here's our guide on how to get a golden ticket in Madden NFL 22.

While the critics may criticize Madden NFL 22 for whatever reasons, it is surely been a treat for NFL fans out there. Unlike the previous installments, you can even play at defense with the new home-field advantage. As every season or installment includes an opportunity to get a Golden ticket, players are wondering if they can get one this season. Let us ensure you that yes, there is a golden ticket program and you can get a ticket for free. With a golden ticket, you can boost a player to 99 OVR. But there are some restrictions. So, here’s our guide on how to get a golden ticket in Madden NFL 22.

How to Get a Golden Ticket in Madden 22?

To participate in the Golden ticket program, you need to log into your Madden Ultimate Team. Once you have logged in, you will receive x3 Golden opportunities. You can either get a coin quick sell or be lucky enough to get a Golden Ticket. They have specified the timings and dates for the ticket program in their tweet.

madden 22 how to get golden ticket

The Golden ticket can boost your player to a perfect 99 OVR stat. You will be reached out by the Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) when you receive a ticket to get details on the golden ticket player you will create. According to one of their forums, their goal is to reach out to all the Golden ticket winners before 8th April.

While they are yet to release a detailed set of rules about the program, mentioned below are some details by their Community Manager to make a note of.

More Details About the Golden Ticket

  • Golden ticket players must be built off a base player item released in Madden Ultimate Team this year.
  • Golden ticket players cannot be players that have retired from the NFL during the previous season. While you can use the Legends, you cannot use the Retired players of this year.
  • These Golden ticket players cannot use icons from the Superstar KO mode.
  • Golden ticket players will get a team and secondary chemistry slot.
  • Golden ticket players will be stand-alone player items and will not be eligible to apply Power-Ups.
  • If you win the program, you can choose the tier 3 buckets on your Golden ticket player. The only restriction is it must be from an archetype from that position.
  • These Golden ticket players will also receive the 5th ability bucket.
  • Winners can choose the archetype for all ability buckets.
  • The selected Golden ticket players need to hit the thresholds to gain abilities.
  • Winners will be able to choose up to 5 skill ratings they want to see boosted.
  • You cannot choose physical attributes like strength, speed, acceleration, agility, change of direction, jumping, throw power, injury, stamina.
  • Golden ticket Players will not be a Limited time item and will be in packs for the remainder of the year.
  • Winners get to choose the card art from any released program except the cards from the Legend LTD and Ultimate Legend Career Edition programs.
  • If a winner is unable to finish their Golden ticket player before MUT reaches out, it might forfeit this opportunity.
  • The Madden Ultimate Team has the right to refuse any Golden Player ticket selection.
  • You can get 1 Golden ticket Per Person.
  • Winners can receive their Golden ticket early before it releases in-game.

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