How To Fix Madden 21 Trial Not Working Issue

Get early access to Madden NFL 21 game.

EA has recently released the trial version of its latest game Madden NFL 21. The game offers new gameplay mechanics for a precise gaming experience with new offense and defense techniques. Madden 21 trial version is only available for players with EA Play (earlier EA Access) subscription. But ever since the release of the trial version, some players have been facing issues to start the game. If you are one of them, here’s how to fix madden 21 not working issue.

Madden NFL 21: How to Solve Not Working Problem

There are a few problems that have been stopping gamers from accessing the Madden 21 trial version. To solve this issue, the first thing to make sure is whether you have an EA Play subscription or not. If you don’t have the subscription, you can get one at $5 per month.

The next thing you can do to fix Madden 21 trial not working issue is to head to the EA play and go to the trials section and look for the game. Now, when you find the game, instead of clicking it try hitting the three small dots beside it. A set of options will open up when you hit the dots, click on “free trial.” This will redirect you to a new page where you can hit start to see whether you can unlock the free trial version.

The final thing to ensure that Madden NFL 21 starts is only for Xbox One users. You need to ensure that your console is set as Home Xbox. To check this you can go to system and click settings, then head on to personalization and select my home Xbox.

This should solve the Madden 21 trial not working issue for most users. Now since you have fixed the issue, you can get into the game and start playing it early.