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Cozy Grove: How to Get a Machete?

Want more tools in Cozy Grove, We’ll tell you how you can get a Machete.

Life Simulation games are expected to be slow, colorful, and chirpy enough to lift up the Mood. The name of Cozy Grove itself gives a calming vibe and the game doesn’t disappoint, although there were some issues with the game during the initial days, it was nothing updates and patches couldn’t fix. You start off as a Scout on an Island doing tasks for your friend Flamey, an actual campfire. While doing the tasks you get to know fellow peers and their stories, sometimes the tasks might seem to be stretched out, but that is only to make the experience more immersive. The majority of the game focuses on you finding things for others which makes it a bit off track. With a major chunk spent on exploration, you’ll need some tools so read till the end to find out how you can get a Machete in Cozy Grove.

How to Get a Machete?


To get a Machete, Players will have to go to Jeremy Gruffle and ask him if you can help him. He’ll ask you about the bench and then help you in getting one more tool, The Machete. To get it you’ll need Iron ore and to get Iron ore you need to burn Iron ingots. Go to flamey, select the “I want to burn something” option, and then select the Iron Ingots in the inventory, Burn 5x Iron ingots to get 5x Iron ore. Jeremy will also ask for Hardwood, which can be obtained by searching through leaf piles. Once you take these items to Jeremy he will smelt them and there you have your Machete. The machete will help you cut through any kind of spine and plant you couldn’t before. Cutting them down will also give you some rewards so do chop them all.

Cozy Grove Tools

Now that you know how to get the Machete, do check the linked article to know how you can save games in the Cozy Grove to avoid losing all the progress you made.