Cozy Grove: How To Save Your Game

Here's a quick guide on how to save your game in Cozy Grove.

After Monster Hunter Rising, yet another game titled Cozy Grove has launched for Nintendo Switch. Similar to Animal Crossing, Cozy Grove is a life-simulation video game that has you playing as a Spirit Scout. Released on April 8, 2021, it has received positive reviews from both gamers and publications alike.

Since the game has just launched, there are thousands of players who are wondering how to save their game in Cozy Grove. If you too are having the same question in your mind and having trouble saving your game in Cozy Grove then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

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How To Save Your Game in Cozy Grove

The game has plenty of things to do, regions to explore, and activities to participate and is it not possible to see everything at one go. That’s the reason why players want to save their game, allowing them to see the desired moments whenever they want.

Notably, Cozy Grove automatically saves your progress after a certain amount of time. While playing the game, we have discovered that we don’t actually need to save the game manually because the game itself does. However, if you want to save your game manually in Cozy Grove then you will have to open up the many by pressing the ‘+’ button on Switch.

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When you do this, you will see multiple options on the screen. Select the Return to Title option. Doing this will save your progress and send you back to the title screen.

That’s everything you need to know about how to save your game in Cozy Grove. While you are here, you may also like to read about how to earn money in Cozy Grove right here on Gamer Tweak.