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How To Get Luxuries In AC Valhalla Wrath Of The Druids?

Here’s how to get Luxuries in AC Valhalla Wrath Of Druids

DLC’s are supposed to add some extra story bonus for the players as a reward, but the Wrath of Druids DLC does way more than that. Wrath of Druids takes place on a whole different map of Ireland, with new storylines and characters. Wrath of Druids also introduces the new trading system in the game and some new resources as well. One such resource is Luxuries, so let’s see how to get Luxuries in AC Valhalla Wrath Of Druids.

How To Get Luxuries In Wrath Of The Druids?


Luxuries wrath of druids
Luxuries are one of the wealth items introduced in Wrath Of Druids. Players can get luxuries by scouting through the lands of Ireland. You will have to follow the yellow dots on the maps, these dots represent Wealth items across the map. Keep in mind that you can find other wealth items like clothing here as well instead of luxuries.

Another way of getting luxuries is through Trade posts. Players acquire trade posts by defeating the enemies who had captured them, and once you capture it build a Raider tent which will eventually protect the Trade post and keep it running. The Tradepost at Port Auley in Connacht is the one that produces luxuries. Once you have captured that Trade post it will produce luxuries every minute, which means you will get one luxury every minute you play the game. This will continue only till a certain point after which the post will stop producing. Luxuries are important as you can trade them with Azar to get weapons, armors, and Dublin renown in return. Getting Dubline renown otherwise will be very difficult, so make sure you collect enough luxuries. Also collecting 25 luxuries will complete one of the five mysteries of Ireland, helping you get closer to that trophy.

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