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How To Get Clothing In AC Valhalla Wrath Of The Druids?

Let’s see how to get Clothing and look more badass in AC Valhalla Wrath of Druids

Wrath of Druids has a ton of new characters and storylines. The DLC introduces you to a new territory and the missions and the quests push you to explore every corner of it. While there are lots of new things in the DLC, the stand-out feature is Clothing and its trading, players can trade other items as well. The Clothing feature helps you blend more in the lush greens of Irelands and make the most of the scenic design of the game. Let’s see how you can get Clothing in AC Valhalla Wrath of Druids

How To Get Clothing In Wrath Of The Druids?


Clothing wrath of druids
Clothing is classified as a wealth item in the Wrath of Druids DLC. Players can follow the tiny yellow dots on their map, these usually indicate wealth items on the map. These dots indicate wealth items so you might find other wealth items also instead of Clothing.

Another very efficient way of getting Clothing is by seizing a Tradepost. To seize a trading post you have to defeat the enemies who were holding it before. Once you have defeated them find raiders to protect the Trade post and keep it working. The first trading post you get is in Rathdown and it produces Clothing. The Tradepost produces Clothing at 1 per minute so you will get as many new Clothes as the minutes you have been playing the game.

Clothing won’t add any attributes to your attacks or defenses, it will only make the character look good. Clothing is one of the items that can be traded in the game. Trading them becomes important as it will get other valuable items which would’ve been difficult to find otherwise.


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