Monster Hunter World: Where To Find Lumps Of Meat In The Meat Of The Matter Quest

Check out this guide to know where to find the Lumps of Meat in The Meat of the Matter quest in Monster Hunter World.

The Meat of the Matter is one of the optional quests where players will need to deliver two Lumps of Meat in Monster Hunter World to the Meowscular Chef. And if you have played the game long enough, then you would know how annoyingly difficult these delivery quests can be. Especially when you don’t have the right equipment and skills at your disposal to deal with other monsters while delivering.

And while some of the delivery items are much easier to locate, some can be equally difficult to spot in the game. Since handing over the two lumps of meat will help you complete the optional quest and receive some Zenny, it is important to know the location and how to deal with it. So if you are wondering where exactly can you find the quest item and deliver it back safely, then here is a guide you should check out further.

Lumps of Meat Location in Monster Hunter World

Lumps Of Meat Location In Monster Hunter World
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Players can find and gather the two Lumps of Meat in Monster Hunter World from Area 13 of Rotten Vale. You will come across the Raphinos Carcass inside the Odogaron’s den. The very first thing you might want to do is to fast-travel to the Central Camp (11) in the game. We would recommend that you take on the quest if you have the Camp unlocked as it makes things much easier.

Before heading towards the Rotten Vale and inside the Odogaron’s Den, we would suggest that you equip the Ghille Mantle as the Lumps of Meat will lure different monsters making them attack you. Along with it, you will also need food that restores stamina as these delivery quests can drain a lot of it very quickly. Additionally, players can also use items or skills that reduce stamina depletion like the Dash Juice or Marathon Runner respectively in MHW.

Once you have everything at your disposal, you can travel towards the Central Camp (11) and head inside the Odogaron’s Den in the game. You will need to head east towards the Raphinos Corpse. While you are at it, you can clear the path before so that while heading back none of the monsters would attack you in Monster Hunter World. The Scoutflies will guide you through the cave and help you find the carcass.

Players can then interact with the Raphinos Corpse and gather the first Lump of Meat required to deliver. However, before having the meat, we would suggest that you equip your Ghillie Mantle in the game. Once done, you can gather the meat and head back to the camp.

Once you store the first one, you will have to head back to the same location to gather the second Lump of Meat and make your way back to the camp. After completing the optional quest, you will receive 3,600 Zenny in Monster Hunter World.

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