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Luigi’s Mansion 3 – How to unlock New Outfits, New Floor Themes & More

The Multiplayer Pack

The Luigi’s Mansion 3 is soon getting a new DLC update that will add some interesting additional content in the game available for pre-order now on the game page of Nintendo.com. The Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multiplayer DLC  is divided into two parts both releasing in year 2020.

Part 1 of The Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multiplayer DLC is arriving on April 30, 2020 that will bring three new minigames for multiplayer Screampark Mode. There are 6 Themed Ghost and three new outfits for Luigi. There are also three new floor themes in co-op ScareScraper mode.  Cost of Part 1 DLC is $9.99 USD and $12.59CAD. Players can also purchase the DLC from Nintendo eShop. The three new outfits as per the DLC thumbnail will give Luigi a mummy, knight and retro fashion look.


Info on Part 2 DLC, its price and content is still a mystery but the release date is set around July 31, 2020. As per the official detals Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multiplayer DLC part 2 will bring additional content and features for Screampark and ScareScarper modes.

As a special bonus players will be rewarded a Flashlight Type-P in-game content that makes a Polterpup shape on wall if they buy the DLC.  It can be unlocked from Professor E.Gadd’s Lab.