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How to Unlock Capture All Boos Trophy In Luigi’s Mansion 3

Collect all Boos

During the start of Luigi’s Mansion 3 you will find King Boo is the one who destroyed everyone’s vacation. King Boo is the main boss there are sixteen more boo in Luigi’s Mansion 3. They are on every floor and as you progress Gadd will upgrade your Polergust that will be vibrate once you are near a boo. If you want to unlock ” Capture All Boos” trophy then you have to catch all 16 boos on every floor. Below are the locations of all boos in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

All Boos Location in the Last Resort – Luigi’s Mansion 3


  1. ComBooster – Basement 2
  2. Boosement – Basement 1
  3. Gumboo – Grand Lobby
  4. Booigi – Mezzanine
  5. Kung Boo – Hotel Shops
  6. Boogie – The Great Stage
  7. Boolldog – RIP Suites
  8. Boo-at-Arms – Castle MacFrights
  9. Bootanist – Garden Suites
  10. Booducer – Paranormal Productions
  11. Boones – Unnatural History Museum
  12. AnuBoo – Tomb Suites
  13. Boofuddler – Twisted Suites
  14. Booccaneer – The Spectral Catch
  15. Boodybuilder – Fitness Center
  16. Boosician – The Dance Hall

Hope you can catch all the Boos and grab Capture All Boos trophy. King boo is the last and final Boo in Luigi’s Mansion 3.