How To Get Lucky Pants In Destiny 2?

Playing Destiny 2 is not a piece of cake, as you must take care of every minute detail. From your selected Class to Weapons, everything matters. One more important thing that most players forget is having a Gear with the most helpful perk. Speaking of it, I can’t think of anything besides the Lucky Pants Leg Armor for the Hunter Class. It’s unbelievable that this pant is still overpowered after many years compared to most other Gear.

But I have seen that many players are still confused about what Lucky Pants do and how to get them in Destiny 2. To answer this question, we have created this guide for you. So, if you ever plan to get the Lucky Pants, read our guide to know more.

What do Lucky Pants do?

First, it’s important to note that the Lucky Pants is a Leg Armor exclusive to the Hunter Class. Those with the Lucky Pants can access a perk called Illegally Modded Holster. This perk only benefits a ready and fully loaded Hand Cannon that deals Kinetic Damage or a damage type similar to your respective Subclass Energy type.

The Illegally Modded Holster Perk increases the damage of every next hit from the Hand Cannon. However, this effect is not permanent and only goes on for a shorter period. Also, when this perk is active, Hand Cannons get ready faster and have higher accuracy immediately when you switch to them.

You can make the most of the Lucky Pants in Destiny 2 if you choose the perfect Hand Cannons. And for this perk’s benefits, I think you should select a Hand Cannon with a higher fire rate. One name that comes to my mind is the Crimson Hand Cannon. It’s a Kinetic damage type with the most rounds per minute capability. So it’s the best weapon if you are wearing the Lucky Pants.

How to Get the Lucky Pants in Destiny 2

To get Lucky Pants, you must open an Exotic Engram, which is pretty obvious. If you have a premium Battle Pass for Destiny 2, you can get some Exotic Engrams by advancing through it. Otherwise, it would help if you played the game until the Exotic Engram drops as a reward.

Besides this, you can also get your hands on the Lucky Pants by purchasing it from Xur. But that’s a bit of a gamble, as he won’t necessarily have this item in his inventory. So you will have to wait for it until it becomes available.

I highly suggest you try and get your hands on the Lucky Pants in Destiny 2. It’s one of those miraculous items you might need while battling foes. For more information like this, feel free to check out our dedicated section for Destiny 2 Guides on Gamer Tweak.