How to Lower Bollards & Escape in Payday 3?

After raising an alert, especailly when you have dumped your money in the van, authorities will do their best possible to block all possible escape routes.

Payday 3 is all about executing a heist by getting out all the loot and escaping out of the danger zone. There are two possible ways to do this, first, you can choose the stealth mode. In this mode get rid of all cams, security officers, tie-up hostages, etc. without creating any noise. Second is going aggressive when things go out of hand, authorities will seize your escape route. Like raising all the bollards on the streets, blocking the path for the van. Here is how to lower bollards and save your heist from failure in Payday 3.

How to Lower Bollards in Payday 3?

Payday 3 Lowe Bollards

Image source: draakool yt video

Lowering Bollards is the last objective in No Rest For The Wicked Heist. Where you have to dump all your loot in the van and run away. If there is an alert and you are outside on the streets authorities will send a force to stop you. There will be tactical vans with guards who will open fire on you and your allies. Plus you will not be able to move your van out because bollards are blocking your path.

To lower bollards look for an electric box. In No Rest For The Wicked Heist one is located in the center of the street near the four-way signal. Look for Mini Market, and walk towards the south side in the exact center of the street. Search around the trees planted on the road divider. Check the video below by Youtuber draakool for more help.

And the second electric box is on the wall of the store Pizza & Burger. It is just on the right-end corner, look for graffiti and a parked truck. The restaurant is behind the parked vehicle, if you can run over the footpath you can easily reach it. Interact with the electric box by pressing F.

In similar ways if you are surrounded and see lower bollards as the final objective left search for the Electric Box. They are not far from the bollards and can be located easily while running around. Once done return back to your van to complete the heist. Similar to this if you are caught inside the building it will trigger a total lockdown. You will have to search for circuits to turn off the lockdown so that you can get out with your friends.

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