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LOTR: Heroes Of Middle Earth Tier List (August 2023)

With our best LOTR Heroes of Middle Earth tier list, discover the best characters in this strategy RPG mobile game. Due to its broad collection of heroes, choosing the most precious characters can be confusing. But picking the right heroes for your fellowship is crucial for leveling up and getting more characters. So, which are the best characters in this LOTR game? Don’t worry, we have compiled a tier list ranking all the characters from the S+ tier to the F tier. So, here’s our tier list ranking the best characters from best to worst.

LOTR Heroes of Middle Earth Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

lotr heroes of middle earth tier list

Here’s our LOTR Heroes of Middle Earth tier list with all the Light and Dark characters ranked from best to worst:

LOTR Characters/Heroes Tiers
Bolg S+ Tier
Ghâzh Ironhide S+ Tier
Gruhúr the Brut S+ Tier
Lord Elrond S Tier
Halbarad S Tier
Uglúk A Tier
Strider A Tier
Shagrat A Tier
Lady Éowyn A Tier
Éothain A Tier
Elrohir A Tier
Elladan A Tier
Arwen A Tier
Azhak B Tier
Dûnhar B Tier
Éomer B Tier
Fíli B Tier
Herendil B Tier
Fró B Tier
Alreda the Chieftain B Tier
Chef Krazhkà B Tier
Eddric B Tier
Frodo Baggins B Tier
Sam Gamgee B Tier
Náremiri B Tier
Núrraz B Tier
Rókma B Tier
The Great Goblin B Tier
Tordok B Tier
Kíli B Tier
Mauhúr B Tier
Mírie B Tier
Grimlurz B Tier
Grîmpa C Tier
Merry Brandybuck C Tier
Úzhan C Tier
Wexxe C Tier
Wilfwyn C Tier
Wubete C Tier
Yeftu F Tier
Aeldred F Tier
Leliel F Tier
Lómion F Tier
Morzhà F Tier
Sergeant Ára F Tier
Orfurz F Tier
Pippin Took F Tier
Robel F Tier
Golburz F Tier

What do our Tiers Ranks Mean?

  • S+ Tier: These LOTR heroes are the best out of the entire collection. Once you have them in your party, you can turn the tide against your opponents. So, we recommend getting the above three strongest characters.
  • S Tier: If you couldn’t get the characters placed in S+ Tier, don’t miss out on both the S Tier characters. Being a Legendary type of healer character, Lord Elrond can heal as well as revive his allies. While Halbarad wields a two-handed axe and is the best tank character in LOTR Heroes of Middle Earth.
  • A Tier: Although not as overpowered as S+ or S tier characters, these heroes can be a great addition to your Fellowship. Be it story or PvP mode, their abilities can net you a win. But we suggest upgrading their abilities for better results.
  • B Tier: The characters placed in B tier are the best for early and mid-game. You can rely on these characters if you have a planned strategy for Legendary battles. In addition, these characters are quite great for PvP mode.
  • C Tier: Though having limited buffs and attacks, C tier characters can be used situationally. You can use these characters during the early game. But once you get better heroes, replace them to level up faster.
  • F Tier: Being the worst heroes in our tier list, these characters can be easily beaten in any game mode. So, we recommend replacing them with any above-ranked characters.

Note that the above Tier list is based on our tested playthrough and playstyle. So, we recommend experimenting with other LOTR characters as you progress. In the end, it all depends on your preferences, playstyle, and progression. We will update this tier list with new characters if the devs add them in the future. So, press CTRL + D shortcut buttons to bookmark this page.

That’s all about the LOTR Heroes of Middle Earth Tier list. If you play other LOTR games, check out the LOTR Rise to War Commanders tier list, or more Tier Lists for other games right here on Gamer Tweak.