LOTR Rise To War Best Commanders Tier List

Looking for the best commander to manage your base in LOTR Rise to War. This Tier list will help you.

Lord of the Rings Rise to War is a mobile game developed by Netease Games Global. In this game, you can use your favorite characters from LOTR movies to command your armies. And since there are a lot of them, you should only use the best the game has to offer. But not all characters are created equal so there are some who are better than others. So let us take a look at Lord of the Rings (LOTR) Rise to War Tier List of Best Commanders.

Lord of the Rings Rise to War Tier List – Ranking Characters from best to worst

lord of the rings rise to war tier list

Before we get into the list it is important to know that these are just my suggestions. You might find some characters that are stronger than the others and might be placed in a different tier. So feel free to use your favorite characters as you might find them more useful than some other commanders. Also, I have made this list combined with the good and evil characters. So without further ado let us take a look at the best commanders.

Tier Commander
S-Tier Haldir
S-Tier Dwalin
S-Tier Eowyn
S-Tier Gimli
S-Tier Ori
S-Tier Gorbag (Captain of Minas Morgul)
S-Tier Saruman the White
A-Tier Faramir
A-Tier Balin
A-Tier Aragorn
A-Tier Legolas
A-Tier Khaldoon
A-Tier Maltok
A-Tier Ugthak
A-Tier Hirgon
A-Tier Grishnakh
A-Tier Arwen
B-Tier Merry and Pippin
B-Tier Boromir
B-Tier Eomer
B-Tier Elrond
B-Tier Sharku
C-Tier Frodo and Sam
C-Tier Agzok
C-Tier Denethor II
C-Tier Grima Wormtongue
C-Tier Galadriel
C-Tier Yusraa
D-Tier Khamul
D-Tier Gandalf the Grey
D-Tier Dain Ironfoot
D-Tier Gandalf the White

That covers this Tier List of Best Commanders in Lord of the Rings (LOTR) Rise to War. If you enjoyed this list then be sure to check out our other Tier Lists.