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Diablo Immortal: How To Light All 9 Lamps In Lost Runes Pillars Puzzle

If you are finding it difficult to complete the Lost Runes Pillars Puzzle in Diablo Immortal, we have you covered.

Diablo Immortal is out and the free-to-play is gathering lots of attention from players old and new. As you go on in the game clashing with demons and collecting items and XP occasionally you are going to come across gameplay that needs you to use your head more than your powers. The Lost Runes Pillars Puzzle in Diablo Immortal is one such gameplay and you will have to solve the puzzle to collect a Rune. So let’s check out this guide to know how to solve it.

How to Complete the Lost Runes Pillars Puzzle in Diablo Immortal


Lost Runes Pillars Puzzle Diablo Immortal

The Lost Runes Pillars Puzzle is something that the players will come across as they complete the missions in the Library of Zoltun Kulle. The players have to collect three runes in this mission which are protected by puzzles.

To complete the mission, players have to light all nine lamps together. You can’t just light them randomly and complete the puzzle. You can only complete it in a specific way. Once you light one pillar it will send a flame to the pillars closest to it.


How to Light all 9 Lamps in Diablo Immortal

How To Light All Lamps in Diablo Immortal
Image Source: Kibbles – Video Game DataBank (YouTube)

As mentioned earlier, the lamps cannot be lit randomly. There is a book near the pillars that specifies how to light all nine lamps in Diablo Immortal.


If you have lit the lamps and failed, then leave the area and return to the pillars to reset them. Now follow one of the steps below –

  • Light the four corner pillars first. You can go about randomly selecting any corner pillar and then light the one in the center.
  • Light the parallel corners and then light the center pillar. Light the remaining two corners and you are done.

Once you light all nine lamps in Diablo Immortal you will be rewarded with one of the Lost Runes and a Nine-Star Waistband as a quest reward.


That’s all you need to complete the Lost Runes Pillars Puzzle in Diablo Immortal. While you are here, check out this Clan guide, how to unlock crossplay, and other guides, tips, and tricks with Gamer Tweak.