Lost In Paradise Waifu Connect Codes February 2024

Use these Lost in Paradise Waifu Connect codes for free in-game materials.

With over 200 Waifus the game has a lot to offer. It is an idle adventure, so you will reap benefits even when you are offline. But as you progress you will find the need for more materials and resources. Luckily developers give out Lost in Paradise Waifu Connect codes very frequently. And those codes will give gifts of Rare Chest, Delicate Foldfan, and more.

The codes are time-sensitive, often expiring in a week or two. Thus, it is suggested to use them as soon as possible. We have given ways to find new codes and redeem them to make your work easier. So read along and get them all.

All Lost in Paradise Waifu Connect Codes

All Lost in Paradise Waifu Connect Codes
Image credit: Lost in Paradise Waifu Connect

Note: Last checked for new codes on February 05, 2024.

Active Codes

Redeem these codes to get gifts:

  • NiceTCY2024
  • EndofYear2023
  • MerryXmas2023

Expired Codes

Here are all the invalid codes:

  • Letsgoshopping
  • HBMickeyMouse
  • TrySundae
  • Plsstayhealthy
  • MakeDifference
  • RedorGreenApple
  • Dessertyoulike
  • Smilefortheday
  • MidAutumnFes
  • IceCreamCone
  • Cheeseburger
  • HugYourPets
  • PlayOutside
  • BananaSplit
  • CoupleeeeD
  • PlayinSand
  • WorkLifeBL
  • DevFriendship
  • Douplaychess
  • LeftFavEmoji
  • SilverDay714
  • 1TGIFofJuly
  • Whatbeanyoulike
  • ByJeune23
  • Areyouokay
  • FatherDay2023
  • Hajimemashite
  • DonaldDuck
  • Welcome2June
  • ByeMay23
  • isthisacode
  • TeaParty521
  • Luvmom514
  • Restwell
  • Playhard
  • one11111
  • FooledApril
  • EarthHour2023
  • Invalidcode
  • whiteday
  • Letmedoit4u
  • ChiliJam
  • cabbageday
  • Staysweet
  • tryagain
  • RabbitYear
  • ILoveCheese
  • RubberDucky
  • Bean0106
  • YeahYear2023
  • Santainhouse
  • LunaMiyaYubi
  • ChoralDay
  • TakoCookie
  • ShoppingRush
  • HarvestFest
  • TougueRap
  • Khabylame
  • UptownPumpk
  • Spooktober
  • Wackamole
  • Fatoren
  • Harvestmoon
  • cdplayer
  • lonelyday
  • EggFaiRice
  • Moonbunny
  • PetRockDay
  • Secret410
  • Popsicle
  • HoneyBeeee
  • obonlantern
  • backflipcat
  • wearebbf
  • dorritodew
  • bighotdog
  • AyamGoreng
  • Zipcodeday
  • Seafarer
  • Juneteenth
  • RedRose
  • Quyuanday
  • Dunsmoke
  • Family4ver
  • Mamaboy

How to Redeem Lost in Paradise Waifu Connect Codes?

Redeem Lost in Paradise Waifu Connect Codes
Image Credit: #GamesGiftCodes on YouTube
  1. Launch the game and go to your profile. Tap on your character icon from the top left corner to enter Profile.
  2. Now go to Settings, it is in the bottom right.
  3. In Settings, you will see “Pack Redemption“. Use the Redeem button beside it.
  4. This will open the code redemption window.
  5. Now paste the code and hit OK.
  6. You will instantly receive the reward.

Where to Find More Codes?

You can find the codes on the game’s official Facebook handle. And you can also find them in the Eyougame Global Discord. These handles will not only give out codes but info on updates too. The codes are rolled every Friday with an expiry date on Discord. So it is best to join the handle. But if you find checking them a hassle, simply save this guide. We will update the code list as soon as new ones are made available.

That’s all on how to get and use Lost in Paradise Waifu Connect codes. If you are looking for more idle adventure and anime-theme mobile games, check out the link. You can also find their codes in our codes section.