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Dredge Lost Dog Pursuit Walkthrough

Check out this guide to know how to complete the Lost Dog Pursuit in Dredge.

In Dredge, there are several quests, both important and optional, for you to complete. Besides important quests, you can also complete the optional quests to unlock some extra cutscenes and rewards. The Lost Dog is one such quest or Pursuit that you come across while exploring. To be precise, this Pursuit is activated while the players navigate through the shores of Stellar Basin (Map Location – F2). But what after that? I mean, how to actually complete this quest? Here’s everything you should know about the Lost Dog in Dredge.

How to Complete the Lost Dog Pursuit in Dredge

How to Complete the Lost Dog Pursuit in Dredge

To complete the Lost Dog Pursuit in Dredge, you will have to find him a new home. For this to happen, you will have to gain his trust. Upon interaction with the Dog, you get several options such as:

  • Pat the Dog
  • Slowly Approach
  • Call for the Dog
  • Throw some Fish toward the Dog
  • Leave

Further, you will have to use the above options to make the Dog follow you. To gain the Dog’s trust, first, throw some fish toward it. Further, a new option will appear that lets you hold some fish in your hand. Call for the dog so that it approaches you. After that, hold some fish in your hand so that the Dog can eat it. Followed by which, you need to pat the dog.

How to Complete the Lost Dog Pursuit in Dredge

Upon doing the above gestures, select leave and you will see the Lost Dog approaching you in Dredge. Pick up the Dog and let it rest in your Boat. Keep in mind that the Dog will take up some of the space in your Cargo. Now, you need to find a new home for this Lost Dog. Don’t worry, a Researcher in Old Fortress, Stellar Basin (Map Location – D5) is ready to welcome this brown four-legged friend. So, travel there and hand over the Dog to Researcher. Once the Lost Dog Pursuit is completed, you will be rewarded with a Sapphire Ring in Dredge.

That covers everything on how to complete the Lost Dog Pursuit in Dredge. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Dredge Guides on Gamer Tweak.