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Lost Ark Matchmaking Not Working Fix

Playing Lost Ark on EU Central servers and are getting issues while matchmaking? Keep reading this guide to learn how to fix it.

Many Lost Ark players on the EU Central servers are facing matchmaking issues and need a fix. While this is one of the best MMORPGs available to play right now. The players are ending up waiting in queues for minutes to hours and still are unable to get a match. This is making a lot of them feel like quitting the game altogether. So in this guide let us take a look at how to fix Lost Ark Matchmaking Not Working.

How to Fix Matchmaking in Lost Ark

lost ark matchmaking fix

You can fix matchmaking in Lost Ark by migrating to the EU West servers. At least this is the only fix for now. But we can’t really recommend it even though migrating to the new server might sound easy, it comes at the cost of your progress. That’s right you will lose all of your progress in your EU Central server so it really isn’t recommended unless you can’t wait and absolutely want to play this game.

Since this is is an issue on the game’s end there isn’t really much that you can do. If you want you can try some of these basic fixes to get any luck.

  • Restart the game: Close the game completely, remove it from the task manager if needed. After you shut the game properly, launch it again and try matchmaking.
  • Dequeue and requeue: While this sounds counterproductive as you wait for 5-7 minutes only for you to leave the queue. But doing this might just land you in a match.
  • Refresh your connection: For a wired connection, you can refresh it by plugging out and plugging in the Ethernet cable. And for a wireless connection, you can do that by rebooting your router.
  • Restart your PC: Press Alt + F4 and select Restart. Once your PC is back on you can try playing the game and check if it helped with matchmaking.

Again these are just general fixes, the only way the matchmaking will get fixed for good is when the game fixes it on their end. And the game has confirmed on Twitter that they are aware of the many issues and working on a fix. So until then the best thing you can do is wait or switch to the EU West server.

That sums up this guide on how to fix matchmaking not working in Lost Ark. In case you are facing other connection-related issues check our guides on how to fix connection timed out, how to fix stuck on loading screen, error 10010 server authentication failed fix for Lost Ark.