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Lost Ark Fishing Guide – How To Get The Skill, Fishing Rod, & More

Learn how to Fish in Lost Ark from this guide.

Lost Ark has a variety of Trade Skills that allows players to gather different resources for crafting amazing loot. One such Trade Skill is Fishing. Fishing in Lost Ark allows the player to Fish in nearby Lakes, Rivers, or other such water bodies to obtain loot like Fish & its rarity, Pearls, and other such aquatic loot. But how do you Fish? In today’s Lost Ark guide, I will show you how to Fish in the game and where you go to get the most out of it.

How to Fish in Lost Ark


Here is a comprehensive Fishing guide in Lost Ark.

fishing guide lost ark

On the Map, you can only Fish in locations that have the Fish Hook Icon above it. Go to that location in the game and you should be able to Fish there. You will have to just take out your Fishing Rod by pressing E (or whichever key you have it assigned). Before you do this, make sure you have the Fishing Rod equipped by selecting it from the Trade Skill Menu (press L). If you don’t have it then go and get it.


After that just go to the Pier or Dock and Press E to whip it out. There will be a floating Bait in the water, that is your Lure. After a few seconds, a white Fish will come near it. At a random moment, it will snag the Lure and prompt a ! mark over it. That is when you will have to pull it back. To do that, just press the same key that you used to equip the Fishing Rod in Lost Ark.

To Fish in Lost Ark, you will need to have Crafting unlocked. Don’t worry as it will get unlocked as you will progress through the Main Story, once you reach Lakebar Village. Once you unlock it, you will obtain 6 different Trade Skills with their Skill Trees, one of which is Fishing. Now, you can go fishing whenever you want if you have followed this Lost Ark guide correctly.

All Fishing Skills


The more you Fish in Lost Ark, the higher your Fishing level will rise. After a while, you will need to unlock the Skills available for Fishing in the Skill Tree. Here are the Skills you can unlock with their respective levels.

  • First Level: Pole Fishing
  • Tenth Level: Throw Bait
  • Twentieth Level: Catch Fishing
  • Thirtieth Level: Net Fishing

You will have to time it correctly or else you will fail that attempt. This was all about fishing in Lost Ark. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on How To Ride, Dismount & Unlock Cerberus in Lost Ark.