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Lorenzo’s Children Locations Guide In Far Cry 6 – The Seeds Of Love

Read this guide to find all locations of Lorenzo's children in The Seeds of Love quest in Far Cry 6.

When playing the Seeds of Love quest in Far Cry 6, you will need to look for and find the locations of all seven of Lorenzo’s children. These locations will be spread vastly across the regions of Conuco and Sierra Perdida. All you will be given as clues will be a few photographs.  When looking for the children, you need to keep in mind that these individuals are actually adults, and not children in terms of age. Once you find them, you need to hand over letters written by Lorenzo, their father, to them. Finding these people can be quite tricky, so in this guide, we will guide you on how you can locate them in detail, eliminating the need for photos.

Far Cry 6 Lorenzo Children Locations Guide


First of Lorenzo’s Children Location in Far Cry 6 – Felipe

far cry tiago location todos santos cemetary

To begin with, locating Lorenzo’s children in the Seeds of Love quest in Far Cry 6, you will first need to head to the Todos Santos cemetery. This cemetery is quite close to the Verde River and is located to its east in Sierra Perdida. Once you reach here, you should be able to see a path of smoke. If you do see this path, you should follow it. Keep following it right until you see a man with black eyes and white paint on his face. This man is one of Lorenzo’s seven children.


Lorenzo’s Second Child – Tiago

tiago location lorenzo seeds of love

For the second child, Tiago, you need to head to the town of Santo Domingo. Once you reach here, you should look in one of the buildings for the child. He will be locked up on the upper floors of one of the said buildings. In order to get to him, you will need to climb up the opposite apartment. Once you do so, you will need to whip out your gun and shoot right through the window in order to break open the lock. Now, climb back down and head into the building to open the door and rescue Lorenzo’s son.


Lorenzo’s Third Child – Riel

riel fc6 seeds of love lorenzo location

To get to the next one of Lorenzo’s brood, you need to just head to Oceguera Farm from Santo Domingo. You will find this farm in the southern direction of the Savannah Fields. Once you make it to this location, you will find a few white flowers in and around the area. You will have to interact with a few of the said flowers. Doing so will create a type of ghost, or apparition. It will lead the way for you, so you need to follow it in order to locate the third child of Lorenzo, Riel.

Fourth of Lorenzo’s Children Location in Far Cry 6 – Juan


juan far cry location seeds of love lorenzo

In order to locate the next one of Lorenzo’s offspring, Juan, you need to continue staying in Sierra Perdida. Here, you will need to go to the Perdomo Farm. This farm is located southwest of Hidalgo Lake. Once you are here, you should be able to see a shack. You will find Lorenzo’s second child here. To get to him, you will first need a key, because he is locked inside the said shack. You will find the key on the counter of an open shack. This shack will have handmade woven baskets and fronds inside it. Pick up this key and head back to the shed. Use the key to unlock the shed and find the child.

Lorenzo’s Fifth Child – Camilo

camilo guide lorenzo kid location

Once you find Lorenzo’s fifth child, go to Barriga, a place located towards the north of Sierra Perdida. Barriga is placed on the southern edge of Cauto de Paso Lagoon. Once you reach here, you will find a house quite to the water. This house will also have enemies around it. Make sure to kill all of these enemies. Once you do so, head inside the house in order to locate the fifth of Lorenzo’s children. Apparently, this child is Michael of Vsauce.

Sixth of Lorenzo’s Children in Far Cry 6 – Marciela

marciela children location lorenzo

To search for Marciela (Lorenzo’s sixth child), you need to go to Flores Farm. This farm is located right in the middle of Conuco. Once you make your way here, you will find a cute dog. Petting it will cause you to make you follow it on a path. Doing so will see the dog taking you straight to its owners. Of these owners, one of them will be the sixth child of Lorenzo.

Lorenzo’s Sixth Child – Xiomara

far cry 6 xiamora lorenzo children

Now that you have successfully located 6 of Lorenzo’s children, it is time to find the last of them in the Seeds of Love quest in Far Cry 6. To do so, go towards Concepcion, a town located towards the east of Conuco. When you make it to the town, you will need to check out all of the rooftops in the northwest. You need to do so in order to find a lady wearing a red-colored outfit who will be spray painting hearts. This lady is one of the daughters of Lorenzo.

These were all of the locations for each of the 7 children of Lorenzo in Far Cry 6. You will need to find and rescue all of them in order to successfully complete the Seeds of Love quest in the game. Make sure to follow all of the steps in this guide in order to be able to find the children quickly.

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