How To Unlock Loporrit Tribe Quests In Final Fantasy XIV

Learn how to unlock Loporrit Tribe quest in FFXIV.

Patch 6.35 for Final Fantasy XIV adds a ton of new quests and modes to the already massive MMORPG. Along with dungeons, trails, and raids, the patch finally adds the Lopporit Beast Tribe to the game. These adorable bunnies called Lapporits can give the player daily quests that they can complete for special rewards and items. Let’s take a look at how to unlock Loporrit Tribe quests in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to Unlock Loporrit Tribe Quests in Final Fantasy XIV

how to unlcok loporrit tribe quest in final fantasy xiv

Before players can unlock Loporrits Tribe quests there are a few requirements that need to be fulfilled.

  • Complete the main quest Endwalker
  • Complete all the quests related to Name That Way
  • Reach Level 80 in any one or more Disciple of Hand.

After completing the above requirements, make your way to Old Sharlayan. There you can talk to Dreaminway to get you started on the Must Be Dreaming(Way) quest. Dreaminway can be found right next to the Etherite Plaza at X:11.6 Y:11.0. The main goal of this Tribe’s quest is to build a better life for the Loporrits on Old Sharlayan. The main hub of the tribe during the quest is the Mare Lamentorum in Hoper’s Hold at X:17.4 Y:16.0.Players will have to complete daily quests from the Loporrits as they try and build themselves a better life with gardens and DJ clubs.

Along with EXP and items, players will also earn reputation points that will raise their status with the Laporrits. just like another tribe quest in the game, only three quests can be completed per day. For helping them out, the Laporrits reward players with Loporrit Carat which is a unique currency that can be exchanged at the tribe’s vendor for special rewards. The class and rarity of the items you can buy depend on your reputation level with the Laporrits.

That’s all you need to know on how to unlock Loporrit Tribe Quests in Final Fantasy XIV. Check out our guide on How to unlock Eureka Orthos and other FFXIV guides here on Gamer Tweak.