How To Visit Starfield London Landmark Location

Wondering how to find and explore the iconic Shard, also known as London's landmark, in Starfield? We'll show it while earning XP.

The vast world of Starfield allows players to explore thousands of unique planets across the galaxy, including a very different version of London Landmark location. Though much has changed on humanity’s home planet, you can still find remnants of iconic landmarks, like the tallest building in Western Europe.

Standing 310 meters tall, London Landmark dominates the city’s skyline, even in Starfield’s world. Though damaged and worn down over time, this towering shard of glass is still an impressive site to behold. We’ll explain how to find The Shard (London Landmark) in Starfield.

London Landmark (The Shard) Location in Starfield

London Landmark (The Shard) Location in Starfield

Before setting foot in London in Starfield, you must first unlock the London Landmark activity by obtaining a copy of the book Oliver Twist. This classic novel can be found randomly worldwide, but the most reliable location is at Sinclair’s Books in Akila City in the Cheyenne system east of Alpha Centauri.

By speaking to the shopkeeper Ahnjong Sinclair and purchasing Oliver Twist, the London Landmark activity will become available to track. However, London cannot be accessed until reaching the main mission, The Old Neighborhood, with Sarah, when Earth becomes explorable.

Once arriving at Earth with Sarah, travel to the designated landing site in London to visit this landmark.

How to Earn XP with London Landmark

The Shard provides some fun tourist activities. Approach the tall building to gain 20 XP automatically. Then follow the “Visit London landmark” marker to find and pick up a snow globe on a nearby rock for 100 XP. You’ll get to keep the London snow globe as a souvenir.

Act like a tourist and snap some photos in photo mode with the Shard in the background – your pics may show up in loading screens later. Unfortunately, you can’t go inside and explore the Shard.

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