Armored Core 6 Loghunt Rewards (Rank 1-15)

There are 15 Rewards for all 15 Ranks in Loghunt Program of Armored Core 6. Check out all the Loghunt Rewards in this guide.

Ranking up in the Loghunt Program can get you several rewards in Armored Core 6. For those who don’t know, the Loghunt program starts once you have completed the Operation Wallclimber mission during Chapter 1. Once it starts, you must acquire Combat Logs found during missions to rank up in Loghunt. You start from Rank 1 all the way to Rank 15 wherein, each rank has an associated reward. Sounds intriguing right? So take a look below for all the Loghunt Rewards in AC6.

Armored Core 6 Loghunt Rewards (Rank 1-15)

In the table below, we have mentioned all the Loghunt Rewards associated with its Loghunt Rank in Armored Core 6 (AC6):

Rank Loghunt Reward
1 04-101 Mind Alpha (Arms)
2 44-141 JVLN Alpha (Detonating Bazooka)
3 06-041 Mind Alpha (Bipedal Legs)
4 45-091 JVLN Beta (Detonating Missile Launcher)
5 01-061 Mind Alpha (Core)
6 44-143 HMMR (Plasma Thrower)
7 06-042 MIND BETA – (Reverse Joint Legs)
8 IB-C03G: NGI 000 (Generator)
9 45-091 ORBT (Laser Orbit)
10 20-081 Mind Alpha (Head)
11 IB-C03F: WLT 001 (FCS)
12 44-142 KRSV (Multi Energy Rifle)
13 IB-C03B: NGI 001 (Booster)
14 20-082 MIND BETA (Head)
15 IB-C03W2: WLT 101 (Coral Oscillator)

Armored Core 6 Loghunt Program

Loghunt Rewards are provided by ALLMIND, a mercenary liaison organization and weapons manufacturer in Armored Core 6 (AC6). During missions, you must hunt down enemies tagged with Loghunt Marker to get Combat Logs, also known as Battle Logs. As mentioned above, collecting it will then level up your Rank. However, not all missions will have enemies with Battle Logs. You will have to identify which mission has it, and I will tell you how. Scroll down to know:

  • Firstly, you must complete a mission and head over to the Replay Mission screen.
  • There’s a section for Rewards that shows collectibles of the respective mission on this screen.

Armored Core 6 Pending Battle Log

  • If any mission has a Battle Log Pending notification on the Replay Mission screen, then it has a Battle Log for you to collect.

While on a quest to collect Loghunt Rewards in Armored Core 6, you can get stuck on several missions. A few of them are Intercept the Corporate Forces and Attack the Old Spaceport. You can check out our guides to know the location of the Battle Logs in these missions.

That’s all covered for the Loghunt Rewards in Armored Core 6 (AC6). In case you are stuck on any mission, you can check out our guides for help. For that, simply head over to our dedicated section for Armored Core 6. We have plenty of helpful content for you there.