Splatoon 3 Lockers: Locker Room Location

Learn about the location of the Locker Room as well as how to customize Lockers in Splatoon 3 from this guide.

Splatoon 3 is a Third-Person Shooter game created by Nintendo. In the Competitive Multiplayer game mode, Turf Wars, all players duke it out while wielding a Weapon. In this game, you can showcase accessories via the Lockers. Lockers are one of the newest additions to this game. You can get accessories & flex them to your friends or get inspired by them to decorate yours. The game doesn’t exclusively tell you where the Locker Room is located. So in this guide, I will show you the Location of the Locker Room as well as Customize Lockers in Splatoon 3.

Location of the Locker Room in Splatoon 3

locker room location splatoon 3

In Splatoon 3, the Lockers in the Locker Room are accessible after the player has reached level 4. The Location of the Locker Room in Splatoon 3 is in the Lobby in Splatsville but it is locked by your Level. You can get to level 4 by playing online games, winning or losing doesn’t matter. Once you get to level 4, you will have to meet Harmony. Harmony is the owner of Hotlantis, a General Store in Splatsville. You can go & talk to her as well as purchase accessories for your Locker. After talking to her, head back to the Lobby. As you enter the Lobby, look to your right. Behind the Shell-Out Machine, you will see a panel of Doors. Going to it will allow you to access your Locker. This is where the Locker Room is located.

How to Customize Lockers in Splatoon 3

In Splatoon 3, Lockers are a cosmetic entity that you can decorate and show off to other Players. By following the above steps, you will be able to unlock it. To Customize your Lockers, you will need to buy accessories for them. You can get them by talking to Harmony from Hotlantis. Open up your Map to find her store. Now go to the Locker Room whose location is given above. After that, go to your Locker and press X to Edit it. Now you can decorate it with all of the accessories you got.

This was all about the Location of the Locker Room & how to Customize your Lockers in Splatoon 3. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How to Get Super Sea Snails in Splatoon 3.