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Genshin Impact Locked Chest Code: Clue To Unlock The Chest

If you want to complete 'They Who Hear the Sea' then you need the Genshin Impact locked chest code. Here it is!

While playing the ‘They Who Hear the Sea’ section in the game, you will end up wondering what is the Genshin Impact locked chest code. It can be confusing because the game does not give you any direction for it. But once you find it, this code will help you unlock the treasure chest and obtain rewards. So, if you have tried everything and still aren’t able to find it, here’s what you need to do.


Locked Chest Code Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact chest code is 5214. With this, you can unlock the treasure chest and finish They Who Hear the Sea.

The reason why this is the correct code is because it’s related to the Echoing Conch on Twinning Isle.  Scroll below to understand how the clue works.

When you approach the chest, you won’t be able to shatter it and since it contains “family heirlooms” it can be unlocked using a code only. The hint is when Paimon says “Looks like our only chance are those conches that store sounds. Listen to the sounds inside those conches again and hope they can give us clues about the code.”

What’s the Clue?

For the clue, go to Events Overview and choose Echoing Tales, click on Conch Retrospection. Check out the bubble of Songs of a Distant Home (Chapter I). You will see this list on the next screen:


  • [Five] Mountains Hide the Little Village
  • [Two] Paths Through the Lonely Forest
  • [One] River Flowing Down the Middle
  • [Four] Winds Bring the Sound of Joy
  • The Clan of Song, Scattered

clue to unlock locked chest code genshin impact

This is the clue. 5214. Clever, isn’t it?

What Rewards do you get from the Locked Chest in Genshin Impact?

These are the free gifts you will get after unlocking the chest:


  • 350 Adventurer’s XP
  • 40 Primogems
  • 20,000 Mora

That’s all about codes for this treasure chest for They Who Hear the Sea. But if you want some Genshin Impact codes that will get you rewards without effort, check out our linked article for all the latest updates.