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Lost Ark: How To Lock Your Items

Learn how to lock your Items in Lost Ark from this guide.

Lost Ark is an amazing MMORPG that a player can enjoy. Being an MMORPG, there are many Tasks, Quests, Dungeon Raids, etc that the players will be doing. During your adventures, you will come across a lot of items. Some of them will replace your current ones and some are just junk and should be sold off. As such, while mindless selling your Items you may end up selling your valuables by accident. This is a problem as selling your Best Gear/Items will make you grind for that Item again. In this guide, I will show you how to Lock your Items in Lost Ark.

How to Lock your Items in Lost Ark

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By placing a Lock on your Items in Lost Ark, you can avoid situations of selling them by accident. This is perfect for grinding items to sell them off for Silver as you can protect your Items without the fear of losing them. Locking your Items in your Inventory is pretty simple & here is how you can do it.

  • Open your Inventory and find the item you want to lock.
  • Once you find your item, hover over it.
  • Now press Ctrl + Mouse Right Click to open up an Options Menu.
  • In Contrast, Press the Right Trigger + Left Stick Button for Controllers.
  • In the Menu, you will find the Lock option.
  • Click on it and your Item will get locked.
  • You will see a Padlock Icon on your Item indicating that you have put a lock on it.

This is how you can lock your Items in Lost Ark. Do keep in mind that Locked Items cannot be Sold, Traded, Changed, Dismantled, Destroyed, or used as Materials. By default, you cannot Hone Locked Gear Items but you can change that through your Settings by enabling Settings -> Gameplay -> Item Settings -> Enable Locked Enhancements. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like What Is Expertise in Lost Ark.