How To Lock A Door In Sons Of The Forest

Is it possible to Lock a Door in Sons of the Forest? Here's everything you should know.

Unable to lock a door in Sons of the Forest? Well, you have just arrived at the right place. Since you are not alone in the woods out there, survival should be your primary goal. To do so, ensure that you have first built yourself a base. A Base that is protected by a door that no enemy can enter. However, there is no dedicated control option through which you can lock a door. So, what can you do now? Here’s everything you should do.

What can I do to Lock Doors in Sons of the Forest?

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything to lock a door in this game. As of now, there is absolutely no dedicated feature through which you can properly lock yourself safe behind a door. Sons of the Forest is an early access game and hence, there are still some additions to be made. It is still unclear if developers will add the feature to lock the door in the future. Hopefully, they add it soon with a patch update.

What can I do to Lock Doors in Sons of the Forest?

On the contrary, there is a temporary workaround that can get the job done. Instead of locking a door, you can place a log right at the base so it will prevent maneaters from entering your base. Moreover, according to a user on Steam Community, you can place a Target next to the door. This will prevent the door from opening.

Also, these methods are just workaround methods and can be ruled out by devs in any next patch update. Although the game is still in an early stage, there are chances that this feature may be added soon.

That covers everything about locking a door in Sons of the Forest. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Sons of the Forest Guides on Gamer Tweak.