Minecraft: How To Locate A Pillager Outpost

Learn how to Locate a Pillager Outpost in Minecraft from this guide.

Minecraft is a mix of a Sandbox & a Survival game. You can do whatever you want but you will have constantly survive by battling different enemies. Along with the survival aspect, you will be exploring the World of Minecraft a lot. Along with that exploration, you will find multiple Minecraft Structures. One such Structure is the Pillager Outpost. Pillagers are outcasted Villagers who seek revenge on those who did them wrong. They are a Hostile Mob and will kill you, but they do have some loot in their Outposts. In this guide, I will show you how to Locate a Pillager Outpost in Minecraft.

How to Locate a Pillager Outpost in Minecraft

locate pillager outpost minecraft

A Pillager Outpost is a Tower-like Structure in Minecraft that Pillagers use as a base of operation away from Woodland Mansions. You can find a Pillager Outpost in the following Biomes:

  • Desert
  • Meadow
  • Plains
  • Savanna
  • Snowy Taiga‌ [Bedrock Only]
  • Snowy Tundra
  • Sunflower Plains‌ [Bedrock Only]
  • Taiga

A Pillager Outpost can be found in every several hundred to couple thousand blocks which makes them rarer than Villages but more common as compared to Woodland Mansions. They do not generate in or around Villages but can sometimes be seen on the horizon from a Village. They contain certain items like:

  • Arrows
  • Bottle o’ Enchanting
  • Carrot
  • Crossbow
  • Enchanted Books
  • Iron Ingots
  • Potato
  • String
  • Tripwire Hook
  • Wheat

Pillager Outposts are quite regular and it won’t take you too much time in finding one. If you want to find them in the shortest amount of time possible then you can enter the following commands:

  • Java Edition:
    • /locate structure pillager_outpost
    • /tp <co-ordinates>
  • Bedrock Edition:
    • /locate pillageroutpost
    • /tp <co-ordinates>

You can type and execute these commands if they are allowed on your Minecraft Server.

This was all about how to locate a Pillager Outpost in Minecraft. hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Start A Pillager Raid in Minecraft.