How to start Rocket League Llama Event & Earn Double XP?

Llama Event is a Rocket League and Fortnite crossover event that brings in exclusive rewards and a limited-time double XP mode.

Want to know what is the exact time when Rocket League Llama Rama Starts? A limited time Fortnite-Rocket League collaboration brings Llama-Rama Event. There are some exclusive rewards and for a short period, you can earn Double XP. Llama-Rama event starts on Sept. 26 after DJ Slushii’s enter the Party Royale. DJ Slushii is going to reveal a new song during the new Party Royale Concert. Do not miss that.

What are the challenges in Llama Rama Event?

Llama Rama is an event of 5 challenges. You will have to complete these within 30 days to earn exclusive rewards and double XP. We have a list of all Rocket League Llama Rama Event Challenges, along with details on how to complete them. Refer the link to know more about all the challenges and a way to unlock exclusive Fortnite Battle Bus in Rocket League.

All the five challenges will be completed in Rocket League only, but to unlock the rewards of free cosmetics you have to check in your Epic Game Account. Do not forget to launch Fortnite and check under the Epic Game Account. You can claim all unclaimed rewards, most of them will be unlocked automatically.

Every challenge unlocks a new cosmetic and when you reach the final part you unlock the big prize. That is the Battle Bus Skin. Be ready to earn some extra rewards also. This event will reward players with double XP allowing them to get some extra fuels. 2x XP will be active during the weekend along with daily bonuses.

When is Rocket League Llama Rama Event getting over?

The event will be active for 30 days from September 26 to October 26. There are four weekends in the period allowing you to earn some additional XP and rewards. There is quite a long time for the five challenges, you have to be constant on playing the game. Always check for daily bonuses and weekend rewards. Some of them will not be repeated.

That’s it enjoy playing and earning a ton of reward during Rocket League Llama Rama Event.