Fortnite Live Event: Possible Start Date & Speculation (2023)

By Shubham
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Are you looking for the start date of the next Fortnite Live Event? With the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 finally starting, there are no signs of these storyline-packed events. These events offer insights into the connecting storyline occurring within the matches. From the pattern of the past seasons, live events usually happen in the middle or near the end of the season. As Season 1 ended on 10th March, several fans wonder if Epic Games will deliver the next live event. So, here’s where you can find out everything about the possible start times and dates for the upcoming Live events.

When is the Next Fortnite Live Event Date?

fortnite live event

Unfortunately, no confirmed official news or info about the next Fortnite Live event exists. We will have to wait until Epic Games announce their next live events. Since there’s no official news, it is still unclear if we will witness a Live event at the end or middle of Season 2.

But the Silver Lining to this uncertainty is that we can expect a Live event at the end of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. Considering the long downtime during the launch of the new season, several players and fans hoped for an event focussing on the storyline of Fortnite. However, Epic Games decided to drop an official trailer revealing the MEGA season.

From the trailer, we can see the Rift Gate shattering and opening up. What’s more exciting is that the Rift Gate can bring characters from different realities into Fortnite. At the end of Chapter 3, the residents of the Artemis fleed to a newly created island from the paradigm. But what about The Seven from the Resistance and the Zero Point? Due to the lack of recent Live events, we also have no clue what the Last Reality or the Imagined Order is brewing.

That said, we will have to wait a while for Epic Games to drop a new Live event. We will update this guide when more information or news is revealed. Until then, you can unlock many new characters through the Battlepass. These characters include Mizuki, Thunder, Mystica, Stray, Renzo the Destroyer, Highwire, and Imani. Furthermore, Eren Jaeger from Attack on the Titan will also join the Fortnite Battle Pass later.

You can check out the official trailer for the new Fortnite season below:

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