How To Easily Complete Lingering Malady Quest In Genshin Impact

Lingering Malady Quest in Genshin Impact involves 4 posters that you will have to collect all around Mondstadt. Check out all the locations here

Lingering Milady quest in Genshin Impact that will have you to collect posters and billboards all around the city. If you’re unaware of where to look it can be impossible to locate all 4 items. Here’s how you can complete the Lingering Milady quest in Genshin Impact

How To Complete Lingering Malady Quest In Genshin Impact

The Lingering Milady quest in Genshin Impact will only be available to you once you’re at Adventure Rank 30, so make sure that you hot the required rank even before you think of pursuing the quest make sure that you meet the requirements.

The quest begins in Mondstadt and Aramis is the one who will give you this quest, you can find Aramais outside of the Cathedral near the base of the steps.

All you have to do is find 4 posters and billboards to complete the quest, all the locations are nearby and you won’t have to travel far away places and search in obscure locations too.

Just reach the western waypoint on top of Knights of Favonius HQ by teleporting there get to each location however you seem fit.

The first location of the poster is on the roof of the building next to the building of the Knights of Favonius. So glide over there and collect the first part of the clue there.

For the second poster, get to the rooftop west of the blacksmith location. It is easy enough to find and you can move on to the third poster. Find this and you’ll be halfway done with your lingering malady quest in Genshin Impact.

how to complete lingering malady genshin impact

For this poster, you will need to climb over the wall of Mondstadt, the climbing part can be a bit difficult but once you get on top you can get the merchant poster easily.

For the last poster, you will need to go to the building with the Alchemy table crafting area. You will once again need to get to the roof and here you will find the final poster.

Once you complete the Lingering Malady quest, you will earn +100 Adventure EXP and Northern Smoked Chicken, Hero’s Wit x6, and Mora x20,000. This is all there is to know about how to complete the Lingering Malady quest in Genshin Impact.

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