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What Is Life Energy In Lost Ark?

Don't know what life energy is in Lost Ark? This guide will tell you everything that you need to know.

Life Energy is directly related to Trade Skills in Lost Ark. This energy is what you need in order to do a lot of valuable work in the game and must be used wisely. Does this mean that you cannot complete the goals that you set for yourself just because your energy has been capped? Absolutely not! In this guide, we’re going to show you what life energy is and how you can use it efficiently when you play Lost Ark.

Since this energy is directly related to Trade Skills, you should check out this guide on trade skills.


What is Life Energy in Lost Ark and How to Replenish?

What Is Life Energy In Lost Ark

Life Energy or work energy is a green bar on top of your skills bar in Lost Ark. This energy regulates the amount of work that a character can do in the game. The more you use your trade skills (hunting, mining, fishing, excavating, and logging), the more Work Energy gets used. You are given 10,000 Life Energy, to begin with and it is replenished very slowly. This is because you will gain 30 Life Energy every 10 minutes in the game.


Given below is the amount of life skills that’s roughly used for every trade skill in the game:

  • Foraging: 30 Life Energy
  • Logging: 60 Life Energy
  • Mining: 30 Life Energy
  • Hunting: 84 Life Energy
  • Fishing: 44 Life Energy
  • Excavating: 62 Life Energy

If you have capped the amount of energy that you can use in the game but still need certain resources, you can always go to the Platinum Fields to get the materials needed. Here, your energy will not be consumed, however, you will not get experience points for the same as well.


How to Restore Work Energy

Make sure that your work energy bar is never completely full nor is it completely empty in the game. This is because capping it will prevent you from going on other missions and getting all kinds of material if you happen to come by something of value. On the other hand, keeping your bar low means that you will have wasted all of the skill leveling up that you can do in the game. This will take some time to figure out but here are some tips on how to use them wisely in the game.

If you need to refill your work energy fast, you can always buy potions, elixirs, and more. Here are some of the consumables that you can buy in Lost Ark. These will replenish your energy when needed.


  • Minor Life Energy Potions
  • Dusky Work Energy Elixirs
  • Basic Life Energy Potions
  • Leap’s Essence
  • Major Life Energy Potions

You can either buy all of these in Mari’s Secret Shop (Press F4) or craft them with flowers or mushrooms. If purchasing them from Mari’s Shop, you can easily buy your potions by converting your gold to crystals.

This was your guide on what work energy is in Lost Ark. If you enjoy playing this game then check out this guide on the best place to forage flowers in Lost Ark.