Best Place To Forage Flowers In Lost Ark

Here is the best place for you to find your own flowers to forage in Lost Ark.

Foraging is one of the trade skills that helps you to craft potions in Lost Ark. The wild flowers here are mainly used as healing pack potions in the game. With the abundance of natural wealth that is available to players, foraging is usually not a big problem for many. But finding the right flowers can’t always be easy. And so, when you can’t find the right flowers, Gamer Tweak finds them for you. In this guide, we will show you the best place to forage flowers in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark: Best Place To Forage Flowers

Best Place To Forage Flowers In Lost Ark

Here are all of the best places to find and forage Dreamwalker flowers. When foraged, these Dreamwalker flowers will give you the following: Wild flowers, Bright Wild flowers, and Shy Wild flowers in Lost Ark.

  • Dyorika Plain – East Luterra
  • Medrick Monastery Area – West Luterra
  • Breezesome Brae – Rohendel
  • Blackrose Chapel – East Luterra
  • Rattan Hill – North Anikka
  • Slime Island – northeast of Vern
  • Lullaby Island – the sea of Gienah
  • Platinum Fields – within Nahun’s Domain
  • Orvis Island – between Tooki island and one of the ghost ships
  • Delphi Township – Annika
  • Prisma Valley – Annika

One of the most popular places to forage flowers is Medrick Monastery. This is the best place to find Dreamwalker flowers in the game. If you are in a particularly populated server, this area can be tiresome to compete for flowers in. And so, the second-best place to forage flowers is Slime Island. Here, you will find a ton of flowers to forage that will be secluded from the rest of the players.

You will never run out of flowers in these areas. They even respawn very quickly. And so, your foraging skills will easily be leveled up as long as you choose to stay in these areas.

If you don’t want to spend too much time foraging then you can also buy healing packs from Mari’s shop. They are not too expensive as you can easily convert your gold into crystals to get them.

This was your guide on the best place to get and forage flowers in Lost Ark. If you enjoy playing Lost Ark, you must check out this article on trade skills to boost your own easily.