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How To Fix The License Plate Bug In Forza Horizon 5

Here is a guide to fix the License Plate Bug in Forza Horizon 5.

Forza Horizon 5 has broken the charts as being one of the best games in 2021. Although this is true it does have many flaws. The game is amazing but has a lot of bugs and errors. One such issue is the License Plate Bug in FH5. In today’s article, I will explain how to fix the License Plate Bug in Forza Horizon 5.

How to Fix the License Plate Bug in Forza Horizon 5

license plate bug
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The License Plate Bug in Forza Horizon 5 is a visual glitch where the License Plate of your car is displayed in black. The numbers or letters on the License Plate have a black background and a dotted outline. This has been happening to many players but is more prevalent with PCs with an AMD GPU. The Solution to the License Plate Bug in FH5 is as follows.

Restart your Gaming System and FH5


By restarting your Gaming System and Forza Horizon 5, you will be resetting the data files of the game and letting them reload when your start the game up. This will fix if any files weren’t loaded correctly. It is a simple yet effective fix to the License Plate Bug.

Clearing Temp Files

Sometimes, temp files create issues with games so clearing them is the best plan of action. On the PC, Press the Start Key + R to open the Run Window. In it, type %temp% and it will open the Temp Files folder. Select all of the files by pressing the Ctrl+A Keys and then press Shift+Del to permanently delete them. This will ease up the PC for Forza Horizon 5 to run properly. To clear cache data on Consoles, just shut them down for a brief period, say for 5 mins. After which you can boot them up and the cache memory will get erased. This should Fix the License Plate Bug in FH5.


Update Forza Horizon 5 to fix the License Plate Bug

Since the devs of FH5 are on a mission to fix every bug and error in the game, you should be keeping an eye out for updates. As and when these updates arrive, you should install them. This will fix the License Plate Bug eventually.

Contacting Forza Horizon 5 Support Forum

If the above steps didn’t work then try reaching out to FH5 Support Forum. There they will timely answer your queries and will help you fix the License Plate Bug. Also, check out their Twitter account for the latest updates on the issue at hand.


Reinstalling the game

Here comes the last fix. If none of the above methods worked then reinstall Forza Horizon 5. This should be your last resort as deleting and installing back the game could get tedious. After reinstalling the FH5, the License Plate Bug will get fixed.

This was all about fixing the License Plate Bug in Forza Horizon 5. There are a lot of bugs and errors in the game but the devs have stated that they will be addressing them. So, if none of the solutions worked for you then the devs will fix it in due time. Hopefully =, this guide was helpful in your attempts to fix your game. You can also check our guides on Flock Of Trucks Challenge Not Working Fix and Fix Online Mode in Forza Horizon 5.