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Minecraft 1.19 Librarian Villager Guide: Best Trades & How To Make One

Learn all there is to the Librarian Villager in Minecraft from this guide.

Minecraft is an amazing Sandbox game with Survival aspects. Along with making Monumental Builds or Cutesie Towns, players can make Survival Worlds and try and beat the Enemies & Bosses. Villages provide a good early start to the Players. Trading is a feature of Villagers that will provide useful resources to that players but at a certain cost. Usually, the cost is not that great and is perfect for getting good Loot & Gear. On Top of the good Gear, Enchanting them will help make them better to deal with such Bosses. As such, the Librarian Villager will help you with this task. They bring the Intellects of the Village and will provide you with good Knowledge. In this guide, I will show you how to Make a  Librarian Villager & its Best Trades in Minecraft.

How To Make a Librarian Villager in Minecraft 1.19

librarian villager minecraft

The Librarian Villager in Minecraft is the guy you will turn to for Books & Enchantments.  Most if not all High-Level Enchantment Books can be Traded with a decent Level Librarian. Along with Enchantment Books, you can also get high-level Gear. That Gear can come enchanted as the Max Level Job for the Librarian. You can find a Librarian Villager in a Village if they spawn there or make an unemployed Villager (without the green clothing) by giving it the Librarian job. You can do this by placing a new or unclaimed Lecturn near the Villager. And now you have a Librarian Villager. Like all Villagers with Jobs, the Librarian has 5 Levels of Job Mastery which are:

  • Novice – Available from start.
  • Apprentice – After 10 Experience Points.
  • Journeyman – After 70 Experience Points.
  • Expert – After 150 Experience Points.
  • Master – After 250 Experience Points.

Depending on the Job Mastery, the Librarian Villager will have various trades from Paper to Bookshelves to Enchanted Books & Name Tags. Here are the Trades for each Level of the Librarian Villager in Minecraft.

Level Trade
In Out
Novice 24 Paper Emerald
5 to 64 Emerald & a Book Enchanted Book
9 Emerald Bookshelf
Apprentice 4 Book Emerald
5 to 64 Emerald & a Book Enchanted Book
Emerald Lantern
Journeyman 5 Ink Sac Emerald
5 to 64 Emerald & a Book Enchanted Book
Emerald Glass
Expert Book & Quill Emerald
5 to 64 Emerald & a Book Enchanted Book
5 Emerald Clock
4 Emerald Compass
Master 20 Emerald Name Tag

This was all about the Librarian Villager in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like Minecraft Villager Breeding Farm Guide & the Armorer Villager Guide in Minecraft.