How To Level Up Efficiently In Disgaea RPG?

Here are the ways to level up in Disgaea RPG.

Leveling up your characters quickly in Disgaea RPG early on will definitely be in your favor. You will be needing tips and tricks to efficiently level up in Disgaea RPG. So in this guide, we will provide you with the most effective ways to do the same.

How To Level Up Efficiently In Disgaea RPG?

Disgaea RPG Level Up Guide

There are 5 ways to level up fast and efficiently in Disgaea RPG:

Character Level Ups And Reincarnation

Every level-up will give you a boost to your character stats. The highest level you can reach with your character is 9999. This will increase your EXP by default as you level up.

Reincarnation will take place when the character has reached their level cap in Disgaea RPG. The process of reincarnation will reset their level to 1 but will increase the EXP gained at every level.

Nether Enhancement

N.E can be applied to certain characters in Disgaea RPG which can be done by consuming identical characters. Nether Enhancement will increase the stats of the characters and will earn more EXP for you.


Innocents are used with your weapon and armor that will give you an EXP boost and level you up in Disgaea RPG. We have a guide on how to subdue innocents to activate their bonuses on your gear.

Dark Assembly

Dark Assembly will give you 50 assembly points. You can use these assembly points to pass the bill which will get you 1.5X EXP for 30 minutes.

EXP Gates

The Gate of EXP is the fastest way to earn EXP points. Do this as a part of your daily task. You can clear each stage three times on a daily basis. The enemies will start getting harder on each stage. Do not forget to use the 1.5x exp bill from dark assembly and auto reincarnate. You will have the option to use the ‘Gate Keys’ to play the lower stages again and get EXP.

So that is all for our guide on ways to level up in Disgaea RPG. If you would like to know the Disgaea RPG tier list, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.