CoD Warzone 2: How To Level Up Weapons (Fast)

Here is how you can level up your guns fast in Call of Duty Warzone 2.

While playing CoD Warzone 2 you might want to level up your guns fast as it will give you the best attachments for them. But the process of unlocking them is mainly to play with the gun. And while that might be the case, there are many more things that you can do to speed up the process. So in this guide check out how to level up your weapons fast in CoD Warzone 2.0.

How to Level Up Guns Fast in CoD Warzone 2

call of duty cod warzone 2 level up guns fast

You can level up your guns in both the DMZ and Battle Royale modes of the game.

Play DMZ mode

DMZ mode is an easy pick when it comes to level up your guns fast. The biggest reason for it is this mode has bots. While they aren’t the easiest bots to kill. By that I mean you can’t play too causally as they are clever enough to eliminate you. But killing bots should be easier than most humans. So for each kill, you get you gain 100XP. This in itself is a pretty good way to start leveling your weapons up. Now inside the match make sure you do the following things:

  • Complete Contracts: You can find several different contracts to complete on your map. Pick the closest contract to you or the one you find easiest and complete it. This will add to the XP you earn in the match.
  • Loot whatever you can: As you drop in the map. You will come across several things that you can loot. Make sure you take the ones you need and anything else that you can. Looting gives you small amounts of XP. While this trick in itself isn’t enough to level up your weapon. But it definitely adds up.
  • Carry your weapon: There is a catch in this method and that is if you die you lose the weapon. You will still be able to use it later but after a cooldown of 120 minutes. But if you play safe and can survive. Just carrying around your weapon will give you plenty of passive XP. Not to mention if you use it in combat that will give you even more XP. So if you are confident in your skills or don’t mind taking a risk then be sure to carry your weapon.
  • Make sure you Exfil: You can open your map to check the locations from where you can Exfil. It has a blue and white icon of a person running toward a door.
    1. Get to the location and call in the exfil helicopter.
    2. It will show you a countdown of how long the helicopter will take to get to you.
    3. Stay alive and kill all the enemies that you can.
    4. Finally, once the helicopter arrives use it and leave.

Play Battle Royale

While you can randomly play Battle Royale mode of the game, you should definitely complete Safecracker or Secure Intel. Safecracker and Secure Intel are two contracts that give you the most XP in the Battle Royale mode of the game. And while you are doing these contracts make sure you have your gun with you that you want to level up.

So this is another method you can use to quickly level up your guns in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0. Out of both methods, I would personally recommend using DMZ mode for leveling up. The matches are a lot faster and you get more consistent XP when compared to Battle Royale. But either way, both methods offer a good amount of XP for you to level up your guns.

That covers this guide on how to level up your weapons fast in CoD Warzone 2. Since you like playing this game I suggest you check out our Call of Duty Warzone 2 section. Here you can get help on topics like how to revive teammates, the best M4 loadout, and more.