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How To Level Up Quickly In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Want to avoid the grinding, here are some basic things you must know to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. No Shortcuts.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is here and leveling up your battle passes will get you some of the best rewards you might have seen until now. If you are wondering about how to level up quickly this guide is perfect for you.

How To Level Up Quickly In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Fortnite brings yet another season filled with rewards and exclusive skins that will push you to rise up in the tier as much as possible. While this process can be tedious and might even seem impossible for some, there is a way where you can level up quickly and get all the goodies the game has to offer.

Currently, Fortnite is the biggest battle royale game in the world, and players from all over are world are grinding in pursuit of some of the best cosmetics in the game. Rising higher in the battle tiers also unlock more and more rewards as you will end up getting more XP for your effort so it makes sense to put the hard work in.

Your performance in each game determines how much XP you earn and this will be counted towards your battle pass and how to level it up quickly. Follow the tips given below and you will rise up the battle pass quickly.

Hunt For Medals

Medals are a new introduction in Chapter 2 and they reset every day, this means that each day you log in to the game there is a chance of earning a medal for every new thing that you do. This should be your first priority when you first log in to Fortnite.

  • Medals are given for completing challenges, so make sure to keep an eye on your challenges and for what you can earn a medal in Fortnite.

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are another set of challenges that get reset every day, this does give you a limited time to complete them but are fairly easy to complete and give more XP than medals. You will sometimes complete a few challenges while hunting for a medal.

  • Or you will earn a medal while in the midst of a challenge, it is a fairly straight forward thing that you need to, but you need to do them every day.

Battle Pass

If you are pushing towards reaching the 100 tiers, you should invest in the battle pass as in between intervals you will have ample opportunities to earn even more XP as you push towards the ultimate goal.


Well, the goal of the game is to be the last man standing in Fortnite battle royale and so you should try to get in as many kills as you in each game. There are different XP rewards for each kill that you get. You can read below how much XP you can get for each kill in Fortnite

  • 1 Kill – 50 EXP
  • 2 Kills – 20 EXP
  • 3 Kills – 40 EXP
  • 4 Kills – 60 EXP
  • 5 Kills – 80 EXP
  • 6 KIlls – 100 EXP

For every subsequent kill after your first one, you will be rewarded with an additional 20 XP. Hence the more you kills you get in the more XP you stand to farm in Fortnite.

Last Man Standing

Your goal in each match should be to win, however, it won’t be possible when you are competing with 99 other players in the game.

  • So the next best thing you can do is to finish as higher as possible. This means that you will need to survive as long as possible in the game.

Finishing in the top 3 grants you the highest XP in Fortnite but you can earn additional XP for finishing in the top 20 too. Check below to know much XP you can earn in each game.

  • 1st – 300 EXP
  • 2nd – 200 EXP
  • 3rd-10th – 100 EXP
  • 11th-20th – 25 EXP


The longer you survive the more XP you earn, this is basic 101 of Fortnite. So make sure to brave as many storms in Fortnite to earn the maximum amount of XP in the game.

  • 2:02 minutes – 17 EXP (Pre first storm)
  • 5:06 minutes – 51 EXP (Pre first storm)
  • 6:04 minutes – 85 EXP (First storm)
  • 9:23 minutes – 136 EXP (Pre second storm)
  • 12:33 minutes – 187 EXP (Second storm)
  • 18:10 minutes – 238 EXP (Pre fourth storm)

This pretty much covers everything up about how you can level up quickly in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, make sure to check out our other guide on How To Dance On Top Of The Crane At Rickety Rig In Fortnite.