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Cult Of The Lamb: How To Level Up Followers

Check out our guide on how to level up followers in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb is an indie and rogue-like action-adventure game by Devolver Digital. As the name suggests, the game revolves around creating and expanding your cult with a huge follower base. But with increasing numbers, you need to make sure that your subjects are intensely loyal to you. There are also several benefits to increasing their loyalty. So, here’s our guide on how to level up followers in Cult of the Lamb.

How to Level-Up Followers in Cult of the Lamb

There are several ways to level up your followers. As you level them up, you will notice a surge in devotion while talking to them. So, here are all the ways to level them up:

Blessing Them

You will have different Follower actions as you interact with your followers. While you can bless them at the start, you can also intimidate and inspire them with different doctrines. These actions will increase their level and loyalty. In addition to that, you can also bribe your followers with a few gold coins to increase their loyalty.

Sermon Activities

You can conduct daily Sermons to increase faith and level up loyalty among your Cult. As these followers level up, they will offer you the Commandment stones. For every 3 Commandment Fragments by the followers, you can introduce a new Doctrine. And with a new doctrine, your cult can work in more harmony.

Completing Quests

As you stand or walk around in your Cultist camp, lots of followers will ask you for help. Being the cult leader, you can increase plenty of loyalty for completing these quests. It can simply be any request from the followers. And these requests can get quite bizarre too. For example, a follower can ask you to pull a prank or practical joke on other followers. They can also request you to find them a certain item or greet the new followers yourself.


You can also conduct and perform several rituals to bring together your followers. Certain rituals can increase the loyalty of all of your followers. You also perform an ascension of a follower that you are willing to go separate ways with. You can also increase the loyalty of your followers with particular doctrines. One of these includes assigning one of your followers a Loyalty Enforcer. His/ Her entire job will be to make all the cult members love and be more loyal to you.

cult of the lamb how to level up followers

Cooking 3-Star Meals

While you are a leader of the entire cult, you make a horrible cook when you start. But you can improve that by consequently cooking meals. The Splendid Vegetable Feast and Magnificent mixed meal are some of the meals that give a loyalty boost to your followers.

Commandment Stone

As mentioned earlier, you will receive the Commandment stones when you level up your followers. You can use these commandment stones to unlock several additional doctrines. Check out our guide on the best doctrines to use in Cult of the Lamb.


This is the most obvious way to increase the loyalty of your beloved cultists. As you find specific items throughout the open world, you can gift them to your followers to boost their loyalty. While these gifts don’t offer additional bonuses, they can help in leveling up your followers. You can give one gift to a follower and they will take that gift to their graves. If you want to have the gift back, you can head to their burials and loot the gift from their corpses. Just make sure that you do this in private when no cult member is around.

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