Anime Defenders: How To Level Up Quickly

Leveling up quickly in Anime Defender becomes a necessity if you want to access all of its features. Find out the best ways to level up fast in this guide.

Like in any other game, it is very important to level up in Anime Defenders, especially if you want to access all the features. In this tower defense, many features like Trading require you to reach certain levels. It goes without saying that leveling up requires grind, which often takes time in the process. So how can anyone possibly level up faster than usual? Here’s a guide that explains one of the best ways to do this.

How to Level Up Fast in Anime Defenders

How to Level Up Fast in Anime Defenders

To increase your level fast in Anime Defenders, you must complete all the challenges and quests. While you can do this on Normal difficulty, I would suggest you choose the Hard difficulty. Because the higher the risk, the higher the rewards you will yield. If you like, you can complete any quest on repeat to net some amount of XP and level up quickly without putting much effort.

If you ask me, spamming the chapters in Cursed Academy is a better option. Chapter 1 of Cursed Academy rewards you with almost 50 XP each time you complete it. In comparison with most challenges, this is the highest amount of XP you can get.

Aside from this, if you want to gain Unit XP then you can do so by consuming food items. Yes, out of combat, you can feed your units to increase their levels. Once you have gathered a strong force in your favor, you can easily complete any challenge and level up in Anime Defenders quickly.

The above according to us is the best way to level up faster in this tower defense. Now that you have come this far, we will be glad if you reward yourself by checking out our Anime Defenders Codes guide. We have mentioned all the active codes so you can use them for good.