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How To Level Up In Dying Light 2 – Get Combat & Parkour XP Fast

Here's our guide on how to level up fast in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 features one of the best mechanics along with an extensive open world. It’s been confirmed by Techland that it would take more than 500 hours to fully complete the entire game. DL 2 doesn’t give you anything without an intense grind, not even fast travel. While completing story quests will get you XP points as you go further in the game, there are several other ways to upgrade your XP points. So, here’s our guide on how to level up fast in Dying Light 2.


How to Level up in Dying Light 2 (Fast)

There are two types of skill sets through which you can increase your XP points. They are Parkour and Combat. As you increase your skill sets, you gain more and more XP points. Grind in any combat-based experience to increase your combat points. While grinding in anything related to parkour skills, climbing, running, and sliding will increase your parkour points. So, here are the different ways to increase your combat points:

How to Increase your Combat XP?


Clear out Bandit Camps

bandit camps
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  • There are not many of the bandit camps (four) in DL 2 and clearing them all will reward you with a Ban Hammer trophy.
  • You can clear out any of the bandit camps by killing two of its Lieutenants and the leader of the Bandit Camp.
  • As you successfully take over a Bandit Camp, it will be replaced with a safe zone that you can save your game onto.
  • You can also get great loot in these areas. And clearing the camp out will reward you with combat and parkour points along with a good amount of experience points.


Activating Metro Station

  • The first metro station you will unlock is the one at Central Loop.
  • All you have to do is power up some generators and/or flip the switch to activate the metro station.
  • But as easy as it sounds, the place will be brewing up with hordes.
  • Once it is unlocked, it will serve as the fast-travel point for you to instantly teleport across.
  • Activating the metro station will also reward you with XP along with combat points to level up fast in Dying Light 2.

Destroying GRE Anomalies


dying light 2 how to level up fast revenant

  • There are different GRE anomalies in DL 2 and these anomalies contain different lab experimented zombies.
  • Now as easy as defeating these zombies sounds, they are extremely lethal and are surrounded by hordes.
  • There are 12 GRE anomalies and destroying each one of them will reward you with a great XP boost that will help you level up in DL 2.
  • We suggest you stack up weapons along with maximized stamina and health before you fight a GRE anomaly.

Complete Combat Challenges

  • Your sole objective in these challenges is to kill a certain number of zombies within the time limit.
  • Bashing more heads of zombies will reward you with more XP boost.
  • And after a good bashing, you will be rewarded with a good chunk of combat points.
  • Kill most of the zombies before the time ends to earn gold during these challenges.

Scroll till the end to know how to boost your parkour points:

How to Increase your Parkour XP?

Do it Quick with Parkour Challenges

dying light 2 how to level up fast parkour skills

  • Parkour challenges are completely based on parkour skills and are scattered across the map. You can use your binoculars to track these challenges.
  • To complete them, you have to survive and reach the designated spot before the hordes of zombies in your way bash your head.
  • Reach the spot faster than the required time to earn more parkour points. The quicker you reach there, the more parkour points you will earn.

Activate Windmills

  • There are several windmills dispersed all over the region. You need to get on a tall structure and use your binoculars to find them.
  • Once you have reached the windmill,  you will be assigned different parkour-based objectives.
  • Different ranks indicate the difficulty level of activating that windmill.
  • As you activate the windmill you will have to assign it to one of the factions, Peacekeepers or Survivors.
  • You will also receive a reward of parkour points along with the windmill as your safe zone.

Complete Chase Challenges

  • These challenges will be unlocked as you proceed in the game.
  • It is all about surviving the pursuit as hordes of zombies chase you.
  • The longer you survive in this challenge, the more XP boost you will gain as a reward.
  • There are five levels of difficulty in this challenge as you proceed in this challenge.
  • The longer you survive, the more XP you will receive for completing the challenge.

Other Fastest Ways to Level Up

Go For Side-Quests

  • Why do players complete side-quests? To earn additional XP and rewards.
  • In DL 2, these side-quests range from saving lives to helping a space chicken return to its spaceship. So, you are up against a pretty weird and strange range of side quests.
  • As you complete side quests, you will receive loot, blueprints, and points to increase your skill sets.
  • You will also receive an XP boost as you complete any of the side quests.

Earn Night-Time Bonus

  • Night bonus XP is the XP boost you receive as you complete any activity during the night.
  • That is because during these hours zombies become more dangerous and awry than the daylight.
  • In addition to the XP boost, you will also receive boosts to your skill sets.
  • But if you fail to survive the hordes, you will be unable to receive the night bonus for the rest of the night.

Loot Military AirDrop

  • Before you loot these military supplies, you will need to find them.
  • There are 26 military supply drops scattered across DL 2 and out of which 12 are underwater. Find and collect all the loot.
  • These airdrops contain blueprints, weapons, rare items, and looting them can reward you with experience points.

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