How To Level Up Fast In Battlefield 2042

By Darwin
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Leveling Up and gaining XP in Battlefield 2042 is pretty important. Why do you ask? Well, everything in Battlefield 2042, be it guns, gadgets, and even Specialists requires XP to unlock. After reaching certain levels is when you can get them. So to get the edge over your opponents, you will need to level up faster. In today’s guide, I will explain how to Level Up Fast in Battlefield 2042.

How to Level Up Fast in Battlefield (BF) 2042

XP is a resource that a player gains after performing certain tasks or securing certain objectives. So in that sense, here are the methods you can get a lot of XP fast in Battlefield 2042.

  • Complete Ribbons
  • Play Hazard Zone & Breakthrough Mode in Battlefield 2042
  • Specialist: Boris & Angel
  • Spam Ammo Crates
  • Get Vehicle Kills
  • Use the Best weapons
  • Get on the Flank
  • Play Battlefield 2042

Complete Ribbons

ribbons in battlefield 2042

Ribbons are like side objectives you can complete in every game of Battlefield 2042. There are 5 types of Ribbons are Combat, Intel, Logistics, Objective, and Wingman. Each of these Ribbons is completed by performing certain tasks in-game. To complete the Combat Ribbon, you will need to get Kills and destroy Vehicles. For the Intel Ribbon, Spot the Enemies and disrupt them by using EMP’s or destroying their Drones. The best way of completing this Ribbon is to play as Casper and keep flowing information of your enemies to your allies.
Logistics Ribbon is earned by supplying Heals & Ammo to your Allies as well as repairing vehicles. The Objective Ribbon is earned by playing the Objective. Finally, the Wingman Ribbon is earned by assisting your Allies and reviving them. Each of these Ribbons has 3 levels to them with various requirements to complete. Perform these tasks to complete them and you will 1000+ XP from each of them.

Play Hazard Zone & Breakthrough Mode in Battlefield 2042

Hazard Zone & Breakthrough Mode are game modes in Battlefield 2042 other than Conquest. In Hazard Zone, you will have to collect Data Drives. You only have one life and the amount of XP you can get per kill is 200 XP, also collecting the drives gives you more XP as well. A game of Hazard Zone only lasts for 10 to 15 mins, this is much shorter than Conquest so you can XP farm in this game made. Breakthrough Mode is an intense game mode that has a lot of engagements. The more fights you take, the more chances you have to earn XP. These Game modes yield more XP if compared to Conquest. So Playing a lot of these game modes is recommended to level up faster in Battlefield 2042.

Specialist: Boris & Angel

Boris and Angel are two Specialists that can help you level up faster in Battlefield 2042. Boris has a Turret that can spot enemies and help assist you and your allies in fights. With him, you can get the Intel and Combat Ribbons done simultaneously. Angel on the other hand is played a bit differently. Angel with his Loadout Crates can be prepared for any kind of situation. You can switch classes from the Medic Type to Assault Type or from the Engineer Type to Sniper Type. Changing between these classes can help you become more versatile and hence able to complete objectives, support allies, and get Ribbons.

Spam Ammo Crates

Ammo Crates are a great way of getting XP as well in Battlefield 2042. Just drop it and refill on ammo as well as let your allies restock. Each time you do this you will earn 5 XP per person you resupply. If you get like 3 to 4 people in one Ammo Crate & you throw down 10 such Ammo Crates, you will earn about 200 XP and you will be able to earn more if done correctly. This will also help in completing Ribbons so go for it.

Get Vehicle Kills

vehicles in battlefield 2042

At the time of this article, Vehicles in Battlefield 2042 are overpowered. So, let’s take advantage of that. Get into a Vehicle and just go on a killing spree. This will provide you with tons of XP and net you a lot of kills. This will help you in leveling up.

Use the Best weapons

The heading is pretty self-explanatory. To get XP you need more kills and to get more kills you need better guns. The more damage you can deal, the more kills you can get. When I say more damage I don’t mean by one-hit-kill guns. Rather I am talking about guns that can deal consistent damage throughout the game and in any situation. For Example, the PP-29 is a great gun to use, and it’s an SMG that unlocks at level 18.

Get on the Flank

Flanking in the simplest definition is to get behind the enemies without being noticed. If you can achieve this, you will be able to bag a lot of free kills as the enemies will not know where you are. Just make a huge flank and Bam. This can be achieved easily by using the Wingsuit from the Specialist: Sundance.

Play Battlefield 2042

Now we have come to our final and most important tip. This tip may be more important than the ones above and it is to just play the game. Playing Battlefield 2042 consistently will not only get you more XP but will help you Level up faster. As they say, Consistency is Key. Playing games, completing challenges, doing objectives, etc will get you more XP.

This was all about Leveling Up quickly in Battlefield 2042. Following the above steps should help you level up at a consistent pace. Hopefully, this guide helped. You can also check our guides on How To Unlock Weapons and How To Fly A Jet in Battlefield 2042.

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