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ASTD: How To Level Up Fast (EXP Farming Guide)

Level up Fast in ASTD to reach the top of the leaderboard.

Players looking for ways to level up fast in ASTD don’t have to look any further. We understand the need to farm EXP in All Star Tower Defense. Since the developers constantly put out fresh content like the new World 2, maps, bosses, and more, ranking up is the only way to keep up. But if you’re a new player, it could take a while. And if you’re a veteran, then you might find something useful as well. So in this guide, we will mention the best methods to level up in All Star Tower Defense and get on the leaderboard.

How to Level Up Fast In ASTD – Farm EXP

How to Farm EXP in ASTD
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The amount of EXP you will get is based on the number of waves you face in an ASTD match. The best way to level up fast is to play Story Mode. Make sure you are grinding during weekends to get the double EXP Bonus.

To get more EXP, head to the highest tier map that you can access. Then, try and beat as many waves as you can. It will help if you get your friends with higher levels to help you clear them out. Moreover, you can also try extreme mode. Here, you will face tougher and faster enemies. But if your friend is already at a higher rank, then you can easily beat this mode to farm loads of EXP.

The characters you choose also affect the amount of EXP you earn and how easily you beat a map. One of the best Story Mode characters you can get is Uru (Master). This unit based on Uryu Ishida is one of the best and most effective for clearing Story Mode. Apart from Uru, you can also choose Metal Freezer (Meta-Cooler) to beat Story Mode and level up fast in ASTD.

Level Up Characters Fast in All Star Tower Defense

Apart from EXP, you’ll also have to level up the characters or units in ASTD. The maximum a unit can reach is level 175. The best way to level up your characters is to use other units as fodder. Use units at lower ranks as fodder since they are removed from your inventory.

The amount of EXP a unit gets also depends on certain criteria. For example, if you feed the same unit with itself, that unit will get x1.5 normal XP. Moreover, there are units made specially to be the fodder called EXP Units. You can increase their rank and then use them as fodder to get more EXP.

That’s everything from us on how to level up fast in ASTD. If you liked this guide, then we recommend you visit our Roblox section for more content like How to Get to World 2.