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How To Level Up Companions In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Level up your Companion in Disney Dreamlight Valley by flowing simple steps.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley Companions play a crucial role. They help you with tasks according to the roles they are assigned. You can select these roles for your Companion only after level 2. Also, Leveling up your Companion rewards you with items listed in their reward track along with Quests and new conversations. Hence, leveling up a companion is necessary and if you are curious to know how you can level up your Companion, then read this article till the end.


How to Level Up Companions in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Level Up Companion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To level up a Companion you can follow these steps

  • Go on a Quest
  • Gift your Companions with Favorite Items
  • Daily Conversation
  • Hanging Out

1. Go on a Quest

Every Companion has friendship quests. These Quests when completed give you XP. These XP levels up your Companion faster.


2. Gift your Companion with Favorite Items

Gifting Companion’s favorite items of the day is a great way to gain XP. You can Gift only 3 favorite items every day. Not only do favorite items increase the XP of your Companion, but also a few items such as flowers and gems increase your companion’s XP too. Especially, Flowers help a lot to gain XP, which is found easily.

3. Daily Conversation

This trick also helps in gaining XP. When you interact with your Companion you will notice a Sentence in the option. Click on the sentence to interact with your Companion. At the end of the conversation, you will notice an increased XP. Note that, you can have this conversation only once during the day. In comparison to other means of leveling up the companion, this method is slow.


4. Hanging Out

As soon as your Companion reaches level 2 you get to choose any one role for your Companion from Minning, Foraging, Fishing, or Digging. Once, the roles are assigned, they cannot be changed for the rest of the game. After selecting the role for your Companion, you can choose the ‘Hang Out’ option after interacting with them. Performing tasks while hanging out with the companion that is assigned to them, rewards you with an extra item after the end of the task.

That’s all you need to know about how to Level up your Companions in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Also, check out our article on how to get Rubies in Disney Dreamlight Valley.