Best Build For Leland In Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

Discover the best build for Leland in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, including skill tree, abilities, perks, attributes, and more.

Leland is one of the most durable survivors of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. While he may lack other victims’ stealth and escape abilities, he makes up for it with his strength in combat and support situations. In this guide, we will focus on the best builds for Leland to maximize his fighter and team role in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game.

Best Leland Build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

Best Build For Leland In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Best Skill Tree

Focus on the branch to the left of center when creating Leland’s skill tree. Begin by walking left to No Sell, then right to get Choose Fight. Again, take right to reveal Full Hearts, then a quick left to get to Radar Detector. Go right at the last split to unlock Empowered.

Best Abilities

  • Level 1 – Increased Stun Duration I (10 second stun)
  • Level 2 – Restore Stamina II (60 stamina restore)
  • Level 3 – Quicker Recharge III (126-second recharge)

These upgrades allow Leland to stun killers for longer, recover stamina to keep fighting and reuse his stun more frequently.

Best Perks

  • Empowered
  • No Sell
  • Radar Detector

Empowered is an essential perk for any Leland build, regenerating stamina and health after escaping a confrontation. Since Leland specializes in stunning killers and fleeing dangerous encounters, Empowered helps him recover quickly to support his teammates.

Radar Detector and No Sell both provide valuable utility for a support-focused Leland. Radar Detector lets Leland scout enemy locations and call them out for teammates, helping coordinate lock picking and objectives. Meanwhile, No Sell reduces damage from the killer’s first attacks, allowing Leland to take hits while distracting the Family to buy time.

Best Attributes

  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Toughness

If you want a more aggressive Leland, focus on Endurance and Strength perks. Higher Endurance allows Leland to use his stun ability frequently, letting him disable killers more often in chases. With extra Strength, Leland can also maintain long chases without being caught. Toughness synergizes perfectly with an aggressive playstyle, giving Leland more durability to survive deadly run-ins.

That’s all you need on best Leland build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other TCSM Guides while you are here at Gamer Tweak.