Legends ReWritten Codes Wiki (February 2024)

Find out all the latest Roblox Legends ReWritten working valid promo codes.

We have a list of all the updated Roblox Legends ReWritten Codes, to redeem free items as rewards. These codes are case-sensitive, and they also can expire any time in the coming days. So make sure to redeem them as soon as you can. So with that said let’s jump right into it.

Legends ReWritten Codes Wiki (February 2024)

Here are all the new working Legends ReWritten codes.

Active Legends ReWritten Codes

  • THANKSFOR240KFAVS – Get 10 Free Blessing Rolls
  • 80KLIKESCODE – Get 10 Free Blessing Rolls
  • LRWPVPUPDATE – Get 5 Free Blessing Rolls
  • 200KFAVS – Get 10 Free Blessing Rolls
  • BEASTBDAYCODE – Get 7 Free Blessing Rolls
  • 70KLRWLIKES – Get 10 Free Blessing Rolls

Expired Codes

Here are the old codes for your reference:

  • CHRISTMAS2022 – Get Free Blessing Rolls
  • TYFOR20MVISITS – Get 20 Free Blessing Rolls
  • THNXFOR20KSUBSYT – Get 20 Free Blessing Rolls
  • 15MVISITSHAT – Get the Fire Fist hat
  • 60KBLESSINGCODE – Get 9 free blessing rolls 
  • THXFOR150K – Get 15 blessing roll
  • 50KLIKESFLAME – Get Flame Staff
  • SDSUPDATE – Get 12x Blessing Rolls
  • MELIOOFUS – Get 7x Blessing Rolls
  • 45KVIDEO – Get 5x Blessing Rolls
  • 30KLIKES – Get 3x Blessing Rolls
  • 6MVISITS – Get 6x Blessing Rolls
  • CLFGS55K – Get Flame Great Sword
  • SDSUPDATE – Get 12 Free Blessing Rolls
  • ANNIVERSARYPARTY – Get a Teal Party hat
  • ANNIVERSARYBLESSING – Get 10 free blessing rolls
  • 45KVIDEO – Get Five Free Blessing Rolls
  • 30KLIKES – Get Three Free Blessing Rolls
  • MELIOOFUS – Get Seven Free Blessing Rolls
  • 6MVISITS – Get SixFree Blessing Rolls
  • 50LIKESFLAME – Get Free Blessing Rolls
  • SUB2OGVEXX – Get Free Blessing Rolls
  • TENMILLIONVISITS – Get Free Blessing Rolls
  • 1YEARANNIVERSARY – Get Free Blessing Rolls
  • HAPPYNEWYEAS2022 – Get Free Blessing Rolls
  • WEHIT40KLIKES – Get Free Blessing Rolls
  • CHRISTMAS2021EVENT – Get Free Blessing Rolls
  • SUB2OGVEXX – Get Free Blessing Rolls
  • PATCHED – Get Free Blessing Rolls
  • 100KFAVORITES – Get Free Blessing Rolls
  • 15KCODE – Get a Chopper Hat
  • 2MVISITSAWARD – Get a Sakuna
  • HALFWAYTO100 – Get 10x Free Blessing Rolls
  • TYFOR1MVISITS – Get x5 free Blessing Rolls
  • 10KLIKES – Get 3x Free Blessing Rolls
  • BEASTAKIPGAMINGSETUP – Get 4x Free Blessing Rolls
  • LRW5KLIKES – Get 5x Free Blessing Rolls

How to Redeem Codes in Legends ReWritten?

Legends ReWritten Codes

  1. Open the game
  2. Click on the Options button
  3. This is on the left side of the screen.
  4. A new redeem window will open up now.
  5. Copy one of the above working codes here.
  6. Click on the “Submit” button to get your free rewards.

FAQs Answered

What are the controls in Legends ReWritten?

Here are the controls and keybindings for Legends ReWritten:

Action Button
Block F button
Counter Equip Weapon(4) + E button
Dash Jump + Q button
Double Jump Space bar + Space bar
Free Fall R button
Menu M button
Roll Q button
Run Left CTRL button
Spawn Mount H button
Wall Jump Double Jump into the wall ( Space bar + Space bar)

How to Get New Codes?

To get new codes, follow the developers on Discord or Twitter. But if you don’t want to search everywhere, you can save your time and check Gamer Tweak for all the latest codes daily. If you like more Roblox games, check out some of them below:

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